Porn Star Starts UK Sex Tour in Her MotorHome

Mon, 24 Apr, 2017

A famous UK porn star is on a sex tour across the UK and there is nothing that the police can do about it. The 34-year old, Kirie, has reportedly added a double bed to her motorhome and charges £50 for one session.

Kirie raised eyebrows after she parked the car on double yellow lines in Nottingham at the start of the week. Her next stops would be Hull, Huddersfield, Chesterfield and Coventry. Her last stop would be London. Being parked right outside of the entrance to the King’s Meadow Campus, the staff of the University of Nottingham alerted the police. One of the callers told the police that the motorhome was rocking and there was a long queue outside of it during the day time.

UK Sex Tour

The police confirmed that they did receive calls about the motorhome, but said that they cannot take any action as the vehicle had windows that were blacked out and the services were advertised online. Since no laws were broken, they could offer no assurance to the callers. The complaints came a few days after she reached Middlesbrough. Parked on Teeside, onlookers were amazed by the long queue during the day outside the campervan. A few concerned called the police, but they could do nothing. One of the callers said that the vehicle was parked there since 10 a.m. and people queuing up for the services had no shame.

On Adultwork, Kirie has record viewers on her profile. She has also divulged her plans to visit around 22 more towns throughout her sex tour. She has her x-rated services menu features on the profile, with services starting at £30. She also has some great reviews on the profile where her customers have left some great reviews on her performance and her funny conversations.