Things to Note before Becoming an Escort:

Being an escort is one job where there are a lot of myths and misconceptions floating around. Often people get into the escort business without actually knowing what it is all about. Here are a few things that you should know if you are considering becoming an escort.

Escorts are not glorified prostitutes

As an escort you are essentially selling your time, attention and entertainment (which also entails sexual service most of the time) to your client. Prostitution, on the other hand, is all providing sexual services in exchange for money.

This is a pretty common myth doing the rounds among people who are not clued in to the escort business. An escort provides far more value to a client. Moreover, an escort does not always engage in sex with his/her clients.

Now because people tend to equate the two, men often contact escorts purely for sexual services. Of course, there are many women, who are escorts only in name. In reality, they only provide sexual services. It is very difficult to draw the line between the two and hence there’s a confusion.

An escort doesn’t provide only sex

Again the myth, that providing escort services is only a dignified way of saying that you are a prostitute, results from the previous point. Many businessmen hire escorts for various purposes including dinner dates and travelling. Indeed many escorts provide hourly services and do business with multiple clients a day.

Escorts are paid more, because they provide clients with far more than just sex. They provide companionship and attention, which makes people feel nice. In many cases with escorts, sexual service lasts only for a few minutes, while other tasks take up far more of their time.

An escort has to listen to a client

Many individuals, who are skeptical of the escort business, tend to think that once you are paid, you have to do what the client wants. This is far from the truth. An escort, in fact, has far more control over what services she provides to clients. As an escort, you can tell your clients what you provide and what you don’t. There are definite terms and conditions.

Of course, many clients reject certain escorts, because they don’t agree to be their terms. However, there are many more clients who understand that they pay an escort for their time and not for doing certain sexual favours.

Escorts are Not Dumb

Escorts are stereotyped as being beautiful but dumb. This is the result of years of movies depicting them as such. Many escorts are very intelligent and highly educated. Some of them have specialized graduate degrees. In fact, the more educated an escort is, the higher her rates. Clients are willing to pay more for smart escorts, than for dumb ones.

If you treat being an escort as a business, you will be respected by your clients too. As mentioned above, being an escort means far more than selling sex. You need to be smart to do other tasks as well, which is why escorts are respected more by people. Rest assured that female intelligence is very much craved for by clients.

You don’t need to be blonde and size zero

You may believe that you need to have that perfect figure, in order to become a good escort. This is however one of those myths that you have gathered from the movies that you have seen. Understand that clients who hire escorts regularly know far better than just mammaries. They pay them for the entire package. Again, this is where escorts and prostitutes differ vastly from each other.

Also, if you think you need to be extremely thin like all those fashion models, you are wrong. Yes, being beautiful and having the right figure certainly helps as an escort. However, what matters the most is whether you have the smarts. You need to carry yourself well and present yourself as a professional escort. Clients highly value escorts who put a price on their service and spend quality time with them.

Being an escort can be real business, instead of a compromised career

Many women tend to think that the escort business isn’t really a business and just something you do to earn extra income. Those who are professional escorts and earn good money from the job know far better. It depends on how you treat the job. If you think it is just a temporary gig, it will be for you.

If you take it seriously and open up a business for yourself, you will find that you have to work as hard as any professional. It is a full time job that involves a lot of work including advertising, meetings with a lot of clients, marketing and everything that a proper business entails.

People who say that being an escort is a way of making easy money are usually those who are jealous of the others in the business. The realities of the job are however very different from what most people think.

There is a lot of care involved

All said and done, being an escort, especially an inexperienced one certainly isn’t without its risks. There are clients who have many misunderstandings about escorts that are mentioned above. However, if you follow the proper safety rules, there is no reason you should be worried about the risks.

An escort needs to be very careful about how she communicates with her client. It is important that you have as much information about your client as possible. If a client gives you his name and number, you should verify it to be true. Also, if you are on an outcall, you need to verify that the address given to you is real. It is safer to have a driver to drive you to your clients’ place and back.

All those people who look down upon the escort business think that it is only taken up by women who were either abused as children or who are emotionally damaged. There are plenty of smart and rich women who run their own escort business and are proud of it.

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