Why Screening Clients is Necessary


If you have talked to a few escorts before you decided to join an agency or become an independent escort, you know that it almost always involves having sex with your clients. Now when it comes to sex, you want to be in control of the situation. You can only control the situation when you know a fair bit about your client. If you know a bit about his history or his nature, you might be able to serve him better.

The most important thing about screening your clients as an escort is the safety factor. Being an escort is a mildly risky business and you don’t want to have aggressive clients who will quickly take control over the situation. Remember, however mildly you put it you are the person who should be in control.

Of course, if you have clients who hire you many times, you have less work to do. You already know a fair bit about him and he knows about you. You develop a mutual respect for each other. He knows where you draw the line.

Right Pairing

If you run an escort agency, you have a number of escorts working for you. Each of them has her own nature and way of working with clients. A large part of how lucrative your business is depends on how often your clients are happy with the escort you provided. As a business, it is of great benefit to research your clients to find out the type of service they are looking for. Then, and only then can you put the right client with the right escort. Keeping detailed records of clients is a very important part of an escort agency as well. It may pay you to have a decent online booking system which you can keep all your clients data in. The next time they phone you have all there notes to hand and can quickly find them the right escort to suit their needs. HornyDesigns is a great platform for building escort agency websites. They also offer a variety of other software and it may pay you to checkout their escort booking software.

You might think that this is a trivial matter and doesn’t affect your business much. However, some of the most successful and elite escort services do all their homework and only send the best matched escorts to their clients. This is what makes them elite and it is why they succeed in becoming well-known.

What happens when you have the right escort for a given client is that your escort is more comfortable as well. This means she will communicate with your client more freely and provide him a much more valuable service. The end result is that you will always find the client coming back to you instead of trying new agencies.

Avoiding abusive behavior

If you are working as an escort, you want to eliminate as much of the risk as possible. One of the most common risks is the client potentially being abusive towards the escort. All escort agencies usually have a network through which they can get information about clients. An agency will normally save every number from every client with notes attached. If that client calls back they know straight away if he was a problem in the past. Despite how competitve the escort agency business is, many good agencies will share information pertaining to bad clients. It is in all escort agencies best interests to keep these problem clients away from the escorts.

Dealings with Police

Generally speaking it is legal to be an escort in the UK, but since it always involves sex, cops are always on the alert. They want to ensure that no one is being forced into the business. You are willingly getting in to the business, but a few are forced into prostitution and the escort business. Depending on which region of UK you are operating from, the police might contact your agency. As an escort agency you are offering an advertising platform to independent escorts. The escorts you have listed on your website, in turn pay you a commission for your advertising services. As an escort agency it is better not to get into much dertail with the client. The client knows what he's getting when booking an escort and a lengthy conversation on the phone about secual services could get you in trouble. All this information should be readily available on the website so talk of sex is kept to a minimum on the phone. Also don't dictate to your escorts when they work, you don't control them. They choose when they work and they are also at liberty to refuse any bookings. Remember, you don't control them.

How to Screen Clients

The process of screening clients for escorts varies form one agency to another. Some employ fairly basic methods while others are extremely sophisticated. The bottom line is that the more information you have, the better off you are. If you are an independent escort, you might need to work hard for information, because you are doing the job alone.

When a client approaches you to hire your escort services these are the key points that you absolutely should have:

  • Name
  • Phone number (fixed land line for outcalls or mobile for incalls)
  • Place where he is currently staying (for outcalls)

Additionally, ask him to provide information about his needs and requirements just to get a good feel for him. For an out-call the phone number should be a fixed land line because it is easier to verify. You don't want to send an escort to a residential address to find out it was a fake booking or worse. Only take a mobile phone number for in-calls to the escorts place of work as you will need this to contact him and in turn he will need to call you when he has arrived in the escorts street.

For an out-call appointment, call or have someone call the land line number and ask for your client. If the client himself picks up, it is all well and good. If another person picks up the call don't send anyone out to him. More than one person in a residence is very dangerous for the escort.

Check out the address and see whether you know the place well. It serves your interests if it is a known place. If you have never heard of the place before, check it out on an online mapping service such as Google Maps. You can then see the location in street view to get a feel for the area. Preferably it should  be an area where there is a lot of activity. It could be a hotel or a residential area.

Want to Take a Risk?

In many cases, escorts will suss out on the initial phnecall whether the client could be a problem but still tak the risk. In many cases, such clients may pose no threat to you, but it is still a risky proposition. If you are accepting such a client, be sure to have backup. The best way to do this is to have a driver with you who will transport you to the client’s place and will wait outside for you.

If you have arranged for a driver, work out a plan with him on what to do when you are in trouble. Make sure you text the driver when the client has paid you to let him know everything is OK. Make sure the driver knows how long you are suppposed to be in the booking for, that way if it runs over he can call you to make sure you are OK. This driver must always be outside, so that you are always safe.

Screening Services

If you are working for an escort agency, you don’t need to worry about the screening process, because an agency has all the procedures in place for you. They have, or should have databases of contact information at their disposal to quickly screen clients. This is why many escorts choose to work through agencies and are willing to pay a commission for handling this side of the business


In conclusion, screening clients is something you should not avoid at any costs. It helps you last in the industry for a long time and earn a lot of money.

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