Mistakes an Escort Should Avoid

Hiring and enjoying time with escorts has been a trend which has been continuing from the time immemorial but with evolution and passing time, trends, benchmarks and common aspects have changed into something completely different. Escorts industry is now huge and the money seems to be just about everywhere. For a lady who wants to be a part of this booming industry, there are many aspects which need to be carefully considered and evaluated to ensure that there is no shortcomings or mistakes later on which would make you regret as to why you jumped in the pool of money too fast, just to come out empty handed.

Looking at it in the first glance, ladies who are interested in becoming an escort might find it really easy to earn money while being an escort but when you are on the other side of the fence; you will realize just the opposite. However, of course it is not that difficult as well if you are well informed and have the support of an experienced and legitimate escort agency. Mixing around with people who have been there and done it and knowing and learning a few important tips and tricks as well as do’s and Don’ts will take you a long way in earning handsome money by being an escort while keeping danger at bay and not making any mistakes while you are at it.

There are innumerable tips and tricks that you will get to learn as you move on with your life as an escort. However, here we will enlighten you with few common mistakes that most of the beginners make, which certainly should be avoided. Keeping this in mind we will help you make your business smarter, without any hiccups or danger touching you.

First of all, ensure that after reading this article you go through other various articles on this site to have a deep insight on the escort industry and how things work around here. It will help you in sorting out different angles of the escort business as per your own preferences as well as assist you in carefully considering different aspects and making various decisions while being an escort and part of the escort industry.

Use a different name and in most cases, until unless you have a trusted client with whom you have done a lot of business in the past, keep your real identity undisclosed.

Using a prepaid phone is the best solution to have no records of your calls. It protects you legally as well as from clients who might use various scrupulous ways to find you out.

When it comes to payments, be very particular about the mode of transaction. You should not take money orders, cheques, credit cards or any form of payment which can be stopped by the payer. Taking cash is standard in the Industry, buy your self a bank note pen checker as there is a lot of counterfeiting when it comes to bank notes. Clients may seem very honerable but when dealing with large amounts of cash, you never can be to careful.

Verify the identity of the client before you make yourself available to them. If during the screening, they seem to be hiding too much for your comfort, just don’t take chances. Do not discuss the sexual acts, prices, rates, donations and other similar sort of information verbally as that clearly indicates prostitution and might land you in a lot of trouble. Have your website indicate what you are going to provide clearly to ensure there is no dispute with clients later on. You can learn more about how to have a website and what to know while making a website in other articles in this site.

Health is the most important factor you will have to consider when you join this business. Stick to your limits and do not stretch it. Do not get carried away as there would be times when you might have indulged yourself in wine just too much to forget about limits you need to maintain professionally. Better still, avoid drinking at all or even if you drink, know your limits and stick to it no matter how tempting the ambience might get. Use best brands when it comes to condoms and have more than enough with you when on an appointment. While providing services like oral, anal, fetish and other services of similar nature, it should happen on your terms as your hygiene is important for your business. Make sure you do not compromise on it to build a relationship with your client. Going out of the way might be appreciated but does also have the potential to land you in big trouble. Remember it's your profession. Considering it as fun is good from a performance point of view but sticking to discipline will help you last longer in this business else you might feel emotionally imbalanced and stressed out concerning your health.

Make sure the venue you are going to on an outcall is safe once you reach there, check out the locality and gauge how safe it feels on personal discretion. Let someone know where you are going and if possible use a driver. Do let the client know you need to keep in touch with someone through the encounter at regular intervals as a standard safety procedure and there is no alternative to that. Stick to your plan. Keep a watch on the clock as well.

Stay away from people who come across as scammers and who might want to lure you with huge projects and life changing deals in return of free services from you.

Always remember that you have the right to say NO to just about anything that happens, pre and post the encounter.

If you are not comfortable with just anything that is going on, act upon it at that instant else the repercussions later on might be too much to digest.

The donation should be paid in full and paid in advance before the session and there is nothing wrong with checking it before undoing yourself, if you know what i mean.

Keep your money safely and possibly secretly where only you can find it whether it is your purse or somewhere in your attire. Incidents of rip offs are common and you do not want to be a next victim to it.

Get your health checkup done regularly and read more on this site for more tips on the same. 

All in all, it can be said that becoming an escort is a wonderful idea which surely will keep your pocket full at all times if you have what it takes to be popular among your clients and new prospects. Keep your body in good shape and dress well to attract new clients easily. Make sure that the photos of you on your website are regularly updated with the current pictures to avoid any issues with your clients. 

Keep your safety and your comfort as your first priority and be ready to deal with tough situations at times as all clients are different and while one might be a proper gentleman, another might be too wild to handle. Have help ready at your fingertips at all times and use all the necessary precautions to keep yourself and your money safe. Make sure that you are aware of the legal issues and how to keep yourself safe from the police. There is a lot of information on this site to go on with your escort business smoothly, safely and flawlessly. Stay happy while you are at it and ensure that you have a life out of this profession with friends and family to make sure that you are not emotionally drained.

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