How to Run a Lucrative Escort Service

Escort services are considered to be part of the adult entertainment industry. For many people it is a thoroughly respectable and more importantly a legal profession. Urban places in the UK, especially the big cities see the presence of many escort services, and there is no reason why you can’t start one, given the fact that you have the right ingredients for success.

This guide is meant to get you started on your escort business research. By the end of this guide, you should have a fairly good idea of what it takes to run an escort service that makes you money.

Can you Make Money?

The escort industry is one of the largest entertainment industries in the world. Not only that, it is also one of the most lucrative businesses in the world with millions of pounds-worth of revenue being generated each year. The question then isn’t whether an escort agency is lucrative or not. It is about whether you have the ability to make money out of it.

Many people contend that the escort industry is on the decline. However, evidence suggests that more and more money is being made by escort agencies each year. Rates are at an all-time high. More and more people are looking for professional escorts each year, and they are willing to pay a premium.

A decade or two ago, escorts were hired only by an elite few. Today however, the number of people who are able to afford elite escort services has gone up considerably. Celebrities, businessmen, politicians and people from many other industries use escort services all over the UK.

The injection of professionalism is what has made the escorts even more desirable. They are great company for people who are out on business, and are in need of companionship during their stay. Now, thanks to the influx of escorts into the UK, prices have dropped and everyone can take advantage of the escort industry. All this suggests that there is definitely good money to be made for a smart escort agency in many cities in the United Kingdom.

Who Should Start Such a Service?

Ostensibly, it would seem that you need to have been in the escort industry for years in order to start an escort service that holds up well for you. Today however, if you are educated enough, you can look for advice from various resources including online places such as this website. There are also resource guides on the web, who will give you complete step by step guidance on various aspects of running an escort service.

However, it does help if you have been an escort yourself for a few years, or if you have worked for another escort agency in some other capacity. You then have the hang of the intricacies involved with the services. There are many cases where women have worked as escorts for an agency for a few years, and then they have gone on to start their own businesses for better incomes.

In many of these cases, they are actually very successful because they know enough people to set up the businesses. In conclusion however, you can say that anyone can start an escort business if one has enough conviction to make money.

Where to Start (Big Cities or Smaller Towns)

You will find that most of the escort services in the UK are concentrated around the major cities where there is a lot of business. You can start your own escort business in such cities, because it has many advantages such as:

  • Potential for more clients. Big cities have big businesses and therefore big businessmen. These are the kinds of people that are likely to hire escorts.
  • You have greater acceptance. In smaller towns, there are people who still scoff at the escort industry because they consider it illegal. In larger cities however, escort services are recognized as legitimate businesses.
  • You get better exposure. Although smaller cities also have potential clients for an escort service, there is not enough exposure for your business to be lucrative. A big city business removes many of your hurdles.
  • Larger cities attract escorts so recruiting is easier.

However, starting your own escort agency in a large city also has one potential downside. You have a lot of competition to contend with. Remember that when you are starting your agency, there are many other agencies that have been in the business for a long time. You want your business to have a more unique angle to it.

Saying that big cities are more lucrative does not mean that you cannot make money as an escort agency in smaller towns or counties. There are a few advantages of setting up shop in one of the emerging counties in the UK.

  • The situation in smaller urban centers is not all that dire. Some of the smaller cities are emerging business centers and entertainment hubs. There is growing acceptance of escort services.
  • There will be fewer escort services competing with you. You can set up shop and gain recognition more quickly, provided you do the right things. You can stand out more easily here.

Ultimately, your decision regarding where you should start your escort agency also depends a lot on where you have lived in the past few years, and where you have grown up. You will be more comfortable opening up your business in familiar places. You also need to meet the escorts working with you to make sure they are trustworthy. You will also need to visit the escorts regularly to collect your agencies commission. You can always get them to pay money into a bank account but vetting them initially is highly advisable.

It is legal

One thing that you need to nail down in your own mind about this business is, running an escort agency is completely legal. Don't buy into the popular belief, escort services are just a more dignified name for prostitution. This is a completely outdated view now. If you are considering starting your own business, then you probably are aware of this fact.

However, you need to be absolutely clear about the legality of your business in all your dealings. Be clear about it on your website. Clarify it when you are dealing with potential clients. Let it be known to the escorts who work for your agency. As an escort agency, you simply offer time and companionship. Whatever the escorts decide to do with that time is up to them. You are simply a booking service, no more no less.

The laws relating to escort services in the UK are all related to the sexual angle of it. There are escort services that are forced prostitution rackets, trafficking or controling prostitution. It is such cases that the law will want to protect against, such acts and all escort laws that you will come across are mostly related to this.

In fact, you should register your business with HMRC, afterall, you are a company making money. Register as a sole trader or a limited company in the entertainment industry. You don't need to offer HMRC any more information than that. When registering the company name it can be completely different from the website. Stick to something generic like BC Media or BC Entertainment.

Get Some Advice

If you want your escort agency to be really lucrative, it is important that you get preliminary advice from people who have been working in the industry for a while. When you are starting your escort agency, you are either an experienced escort or an experienced business person.

For those who were working for an escort agency, starting an escort service might seem easy. However, now you are running your own business, there are a lot of responsibilities. You will need to know what will actually make your business work. Customer service, web development, marketing and recruitment are just some of the aspects you will need to cover.

There are many people who have been watching this industry from the sidelines, and they know a good deal about how to make it a legal money making business. If you are in this category, there are still a lot of things you need to learn.

Do You Want to Start a Niche?

As we’ve mentioned before, if you want a successful escort agency, you want something that differentiates you from your competitors. This is especially true of the bigger UK cities. Most escort agencies that you find are generic and cater to all kinds of clients. They generally have the same set of features, when it boils down to real business.

Fetishes are very big in the UK especially dominatrix services. Clients often feel more compelled towards agencies that specialise in certain fetishes. It's true, the majority of escort agencies will have sections setup on their website to cater for this but it could be a good idea to have a specialist site concetrating on just one fetish. You may limit your market but at the same time being dedicated to a single market might help your agency become the top of it's niche.

Similar to the above, porn star escorts are also very popular. A large proportion of clients are looking to spend time with an escort who can offer a porn star service. This type of service is completely different to a girlfriend experience and tends to come with an "anything goes" label.

The above two are just two examples, but you get the point. It might pay to identify a niche area that becomes your primary focus when you are setting up your escort agency.


Any business will succeed only if it has good marketing. After all your escort service is totally legitimate, so you should be advertising it with all the might you can muster. There are many ways to market your services, mainly online. Apart from your website, you should also spread your presence on the web.

Create a solid business page on Facebook. Open up a Twitter account and gain followers. All this will surely get many people’s attention, and they get to know more about your service. Moreover, when you are promoting yourself in a dignified manner over these media channels, clients always find your services more attractive and mainstream and it feels like a safer environment for hiring escorts from your agency. The great thing about Facebook and Twitter is the shear amount of people using these platforms. You can reach a huge audience by posting any offers, new escorts and general news about your agency.

Escort Directories are probably the best proven marketing tool and escort agency has to advertise. There are tons of escort directories which offer a free and premium listing service. The price of advertising often depends on the exposure you have on the website. For example you can normally pay for your banner or escort profile to be featured at the top of certain categories. Finding the right escort directories to market your agency is not that difficult. Pretend your a cleint and type your key words into Google as if you were searching for escort services in your niche/area. The directories on the first page of Google are the directories you want to spend money with as these will give you the most exposure. Be careful who you throw your money at, there are a lot of directories out there and it could prove to be a very costly procedure if not done properly.


Virtually no business exists without a website today. Your escort business should have a website up and running too. Nowadays it doesn’t take a lot to create your own website. There are many escort web design companies that can build you a website in very little time. It is important to maintain control of that website, register the domain yourself for example. You also need a very good admin panel to add/edit content throughout the website. You want to be able to administer every part of the website without the need to get the web company involved.

You need to invest some quality time into deciding what your website will look like. It is going to be the frontend to your business. It is going to generate revenue for you. You can definitely invest some good time and money into the website. It will ultimately make your business lucrative. It is true that if you are running your business the right way, you will eventually become rich. A good, well thought out website will help you get there faster.

If you are not a design ninja, hire a decent web designer to create a few mock ups for you and then choose one you like. Like everything else about this industry, your website should look professional. Don’t just create a website that looks like it was put together by a student. How you spice up your website to make it attractive to potential clients is entirely up to you. Having a good designer should make this process fun and easy.

On your website, explicitly state your services. Let clients know what you offer and what you don’t. If you want, also set up a section called “Employment” on the website. This can be a source of new recruits for your services. When you are starting a new business, you need more escorts. Again, if you want to attract more escorts to work for you, your website better look professional.

Search Engine Optimization

Setting up your website alone isn’t enough to get you more clients. Hundreds of escort services in the UK have their own websites. How are people going to find you? You should optimize your website for search engines. SEO is a really important part of your escort business that many will ignore.

Many people, who have set up an escort service with their own website, don’t know what they have done wrong not to gain clients. When people search for escort services in the UK, they need see your website among top listings on the results page.

If that happens, your website traffic grows ten-fold and your clientele will grow rapidly. Eventually your website becomes more and more popular, and this will greatly reflect on your bookings. This is how you start making money.

Do this yourself to start off with. Buy a book on SEO, make sure it's a current book as the guidelines change quite often. The search engines are looking for certain criteria when ranking your website and there are two main areas you need to concentrate on. On-site SEO which is optimizing and improving your own website and Off-site SEO which all about gaining popularity.

On-site SEO is how search engines perceive your website. Search engines are looking for well written informative sites. The more relevevent the content the more value you add to a clients search. You've probably seen escort agency websites that have tons of articles about locations and different types of escorts. All this information looks useless but it's actually making the website look bigger and in turn favoured by the search engines. Google states that "Content is King". There are also other factors to on-site SEO such as meta tags and meta titles, website navigation and more.

Off-site SEO is the process of building popularity through other websites linking to you. Search engines like Google want to see how popular you are and a part of the ranking procedure is seeing just how many websites talk about your agency. The best way to get link backs is to write articles and blogs and submit them to other websites, this is very much like PR. The link back to your website is very important but at the same time articles and blogs need to be well written. Note, it's not just good enough to have banners and links plastered all over the internet. Some SEO companies will try to sell you bulk link packages these are no good and can in some cases actaully harm your websites ranking. Quality articles and blogs are what you want to do. You also need to take part in forum discussions. Forum posts with link backs can also have a very positive effect as it shows the search engines you are driving your business forward.

Safety Practices

Look, any organization or business makes money when its employees are taken care of well and they are happy to work. It is the same for your escort agency as well. You need to ensure that you make your escorts comfortable, and assure them that they are completely safe when they join you.

For example, take a look at the safety tips for escorts on our website, and make sure you follow all the advice mentioned. Train your escorts to be safe. When someone applies to your agency to become an escort, make it clear to them about what it means to be an escort. Make it clear to them the terms involved.

All this will lead to your service being deemed legitimate, reliable, trusted. All of these qualities will only serve to increase your client base. It may take some time to make your escort agency lucrative. However, as long as you follow the rules, you will be able to grow steadily, and make a lot of money out of your business.


The ultimate money spinner for all businesses including your escort agency is quality. People will pay you better only if you have high quality escorts. Screen your escorts well and only choose those who have the potential to make clients happy. Teach them the escort etiquette well, and they will become your assets. As an escort agency, your escorts should be your primary focus. Work on making them the best, and clients will follow, as will the money.

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