Submissive Escorts Do’s and Don’ts

In every activity, there should be a limit. This also holds true in case of the clients’ activity while spending time with a submissive escort. You pay an escort for having fun with a client. But while you are paying a submissive escort, you are gaining more power to behave roughly with the escort. That does not mean you can do anything that you want. But, yes some of the submissive escorts offer a few extremely high level of rough activities for their clients. But as a human, you should control yourself. If you can’t control, it may cause a long term negative effect for you. Before hiring a submissive escort, you should know what you can do with that escort and what you can’t. Also the submissive escort should take care of her safety.  This article can help you to get a clear view on the rules and escorts can also get to know the Do’s and Don’ts.


  • Visit the website or blog to know about the submissive escort whom you are going to select. View all of the services she offers on her page.
  • Now think, will you be satisfied with this service?
  • Are all of your fetishes listed there?
  • Pay the money before taking the service.
  • Inform the escort if you have any health issues.
  • Use protection during sex.
  • Control yourself to be within the limit line.
  • Maintain the discipline. A submissive escort will still have rules and limits
  • You should be respectful to all of the rules provided by the escort.
  • Always follow instructions by the escort during the session.
  • You have to stop at the moment when the escort gives you a sign. Some may use a code word for this.


  • Don’t drink or don’t take drugs before the session. Because you need to be normal. If you take drugs or drink, you may lose your control or you may force her past her limits.
  • Don’t do anything illegal and unsafe. If you do anything illegal, laws still protect escorts and if you do anything unsafe to the escort there will be consequences.
  • Don’t try to convince the submissive escort into doing things she is uncomfortable with.
  • Don’t forget to wear condoms while doing anything sexual. Some insane escorts allow the punter to do sex without condoms if he pays more money. They don’t even know that the short term profit can cause a long term disease.
  • Don’t try to force the escort to do anything she doesn’t want to.


Every escort will set her limits and it's your job as aclient to respect those boundaries. Submissive escorts are not punching bags and it's very important to remember this. Sumbmissive escorts normally enjoy light bondage such as fantasy role play, tie and tease, spanking, paddles and caning. Don't do anything to make the escort feel uncomfortable, remember, these are ladies too and as such need to be treated that way.