How to Handle Aggressive Clients

People, who have heard about the escort industry, think it's easy money. Well, it just might be if you have a strong client base full of repeat clients but unfortunately, this is not the case in the beginning plus increasing competition compels you to take risks at times. Escorts have to deal with different kinds of people and at times, these clients might not be the gentlemen you hoped for. Clients can get aggressive at times and escorts need to take measures to keep themselves safe. Putting your well being at stake for the sake of getting a client is far from desiarable. Even the smallest hint of anger should not be taken lightly when entertaining a new client or maybe even an old client. Never try your luck to the extent of things getting out of hand.

The world of escorting is as good as your worst experience and therefore, it is best to safeguard your well being and interests and know how to do it, the right way. In this article, we will particularly focus on how to deal with aggressive clients. For other safety and health tips, you can refer to other articles on this site. Coming back to the point, while in the escort business, it is natural for escorts to meet new clients who can sometimes be rude, wild, aggressive or unfriendly. You must have heard that some people like to get agressive during intimacy, in fact this is their fantasy. Some people are materialistic and think that escorts are objects and since, generous rates are provided, it gives them the liberty to treat escorts as such. Well, this surely is their misconception but at that particular moment, what you need to do is cancel the session and if things are really nasty, just get the hell out of there and inform the agency.

The tips on handling aggressive clients would be to be calm and cool the situation as soon as there are hints of anger entering into the session. If you find yourself in a situation where a client is getting angry, don’t panic or if you do, don’t show it. Observe the actions for the next few minutes and if things continue to intensify, try to calm the situation and if your message is not welcomed in a proper way, you need to make sure you get out of there. This is why working for an agency is a good idea as you can alert them to the problem by phone and they can call the client to try and calm him down. If the agency cannot resolve the matter then the agency can make it clear to him that they are only round the corner and are on their way to the appointment. The best way for an agency to difuse the situation is to inform the customer that security is on their way round.

If possible, don’t drive yourself; get a driver to escort you to any outcalls. If you drive yourself, make sure it is parked in such a way that the client can see only the back portion of the car, which will give him the feeling that someone is waiting in the car for you. You need to clearly mention and clarify with your client via your agency the services which you would be providing and things that will not be entertained in a polite manner. Even when you meet the client, if the moment arises, it is best to push into the conversation what the deal is so that the client knows his limits and what he will be getting. Whatever the case, the idea is to make sure the client knows from the very beginning that you have a helping hand around and that backup is ready, just in case, something goes wrong. You don’t want to scare your client obviously, but you just need to do enough to make him respect you and your profession.

Aggressive clients are not that common in the escort industry, despite common misconception and if you come across an aggressive client during the session, pull yourself out immediately and get out of there. The tricky situation is when you are not able to get out immediately. You don’t want to make an already aggressive client get even angrier. This is why, first calculate the whole situation and count your options. Keep a phone nearby in case you need it. Try to be polite and make him understand that this is not allowed and will not be entertained. Many clients who tend to get carried away during the encounter will immediately gather themselves back and realize they have done something wrong and will apologize for the mistake. Others might just turn more violent and this is the time, when you will need your phone, inform your agency and call for help nearby.

Preparing for such situations beforehand and always keeping an eye on your client during the session is very important to take action at the right time. Try to resolve situations with your sensibility and common sense politely and calmly but if things get out of hand, do what you can and leave.

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