Dos and Don’ts for Escort Agencies:

An escort business is looked down upon by many in society. However, the fact is that if it is done the right way, this is a completely legal, respectable and lucrative venture. Many women start by working as an escort through an agency and become experienced. Once they have worked for a few years, many decide tostart their own escort business.

If you are considering starting an escort agency, you should be aware of the market realities and know them well. If you start slowly and be steady, you will eventually turnover a lot of profit.

Do Check out the Market

The escort business is a thriving one in places where there is a large tourism industry. Escort agencies thrive in large cities all around the UK. Cities that have an active nightlife culture are popular destinations for escort businesses. Many people travel to important places for business purposes alone and they’ll need some intimate companionship to keep them entertained on those lonely nights. Escorts are the perfect solution for them.

However, where there is demand, there is always a lot of competition. This is why you need to be careful, advertise and market your agency well. It is also avisable to offer escort services in first or second tier cities. A second tier city may give you less competition and there will be a lot of clients willing to pay for your escort services.

Don’t start just anywhere

Although, an escort business can make you a lot of money, it doesn’t work well everywhere. A smaller city for example, will give you less competition, but then business is likely to be low, because the demand for escorts is just not there. Cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester offer a large range of clients from people who live and work there to people that travel there on business.

Inform your Employees

Most escorts enter the business for money. As a responsible business person, you should educate them about the realities of the business and the risks involved no matter how small they are. It will make them more comfortable working with you. This is easier if you have been working as an escort for a long time. The majority of escorts you attract to your agency will already be in the escort business and understand how it works. This isn't always the case so when you receive employment forms, make sure the escort is fully up to speed with how things work and what she is expected to do.

Do Screen Clients

As an escort agency, it is important that you know as much about your clients as possible. Many top escort agencies screen their clients before sending them to see an escort. There are a few big advantages to this. Firstly, you let your client know that you are completely professional and that will lead them to respect the escorts they book.

Most escort agencies refrain from talking about sexual services on the phone. If you have a good website with escort profiles all her services should be listed on there. If a client starts to ask questions about sexual services then it's a good idea to refer him back to the website.

Getting a booking system is a very good idea. A good booking system should allow you to keep a record of all your clients including names, addresses, telephone numbers, previous bookings and any notes you feel are relevant. HornyDesigns provide an excellent piece of escort booking software and may be worth taking a look at.

Also, if you know your clientele’s tastes well, you can then match him to a particular, suitable escort. This will definitely lead to a better experience for the client and likely better business for you as well. This is especially important when you want to fight off  tough competition. When the client knows that you are trying to provide him the best service, he will come back to your agency every time he wants to book an escort.

Do Verify Identify

One of the most important things to do as an escort agency is to protect your escorts from problem clients. If a client wants an out-call to his residential address then make sure you get his land line number. Call him back on this number to verify it's correct. All landline numbers are linked to property addresses, by taking his land line number confirms the validity of the out-call booking. If a client wants to book an out-call to a hotel ask for the hotel telephone number, the name the room was booked under and his room number. Make sure he is in his room by phoning reception and discreetly asking to be put through to the client. Never mention to the hotel receptionist why you are phoning but i'm sure i don't need to tell you that. If a client has booked an in-call to visit the escort at her address then always take a mobile number. You want to make sure you can contact the client and in return he can contact you when he arrives at the escorts street address.

Do Protect your Escorts

You are running an escort agency. You need good escorts as much as you do clients, because you want to provide a high quality service. If you want to run a lucrative escort agency, you should have a reputation of protecting your escorts. You should take multiple steps to do this.

Firstly, you can screen your clients as mentioned above. Secondly, always suggest she arranges a driver for out-call bookings for her own safety. You can book dirvers yourself but it could be misconstrued as controlling prostitution in the eyes of the law. What ever you decide make sure the escorts safety is your first priority at all times.

Business Prospects

As an escort agency, you have two choices. You could either cater to the mainstream or to a niche audience. When you are working in the mainstream, you obviously have a larger client base. Most of your clients will need companionship for a short while because they are on a business trip. This is exactly what most escort agencies that you compete with provide.

Some clients want escorts to accompany them to trips out of town. This is considered somewhat risky, but not if you screen your clients well. You can serve such a niche and earn much more. The client base for this type of escort service may be low, but the payout is really good.

Take on escorts of all shapes and sizes. Just because you like one particular type of escort doesn't mean your clientele feel the same way. Remember their is a fetish for everything, reliability and personality over looks.

Don’t Mention Sexual Activities

Try to avoid conversations regarding sexual services with clients. At the end of the day you are a booking service for time and companionship, anything that goes on between them is there business. It's not sex you are promoting here, it's companionship. Your website profiles should clearly state the services an escort offers so there should be no need to go into detail, just refer the client back to her profile.

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