Escort Safety Tips to Avoid Legal Hassles

The world is transforming rapidly and so is the ways of the world. Earlier on women were condemned for their extrovert attitude towards life but today at present there are many free spirited and free willed women who are willing to become part of the escort industry and choosing this line of work as their career. These women are uninhibited, candid, smart and extremely outgoing, a perfect combination of bold and beautiful. This industry is very alluring since it is extremely lucrative, here the hours of work are flexible and the nature of the work here is quite exciting. But this is not all; there are many complexities which also need to be addressed. There are many legal issues and hassles which if not dealt with properly can prove to be dangerous and cumbersome for escorts.

Before dipping your toe in this industry you should be thorough with the terms on which this industry functions. It is important for you to have a comprehensive knowledge regarding its affairs so that you do not land yourself in a legal issue and get convicted of any crime. Hence let us discuss a few lucid strategies which if put into use will not only safeguard the escort but also the client from the law’s in the UK.

Things to remember as an escort agency to keep within the law.

  • Never rent property to escorts, this can be seen as controlling prostitution or even brothel keeping.
  • Make sure all your escorts are independent and choose their own hours. Again, you don't want to be seen controlling these aspects.
  • Most importantly make sure every escort is over 18. Ask for identification if you're not sure, if an escort is under age then technically you are trafficking a minor.
  • Make sure all your escorts are legal to work in the UK. If they are from outside the European Union they must have work permits. Again, without a work permit you are technically classed as trafficking the escort.
  • Setup as a company with HMRC and pay your taxes. If you are brought to court for any of the above you definitly don't want to add tax evasion to the list.

Make sure that you do not provide any such opportunity to the law which forces the court to believe that you or your agency operates in any kind of illegal business. If you are facing any kind of legal difficulty then make sure that you possess strong evidence which would easily acquit and free you of any wrong doings. Keep hold of all emails pertaining to job applications to show the escort has asked to join your agency. Keep copies of any work permits or proof of age sent to you by the escorts. Make sure you keep your company books up to date with no discrepancies.

In conclusion follow these simple steps and everything should be fine. It's the escort agencies that break these rules that end up getting prosecuted. If you stay within these boundaries everything will be fine. There are many many escort agencies in the UK that have been operating for many years. The police are only interested in agencies that don't obide by the simple, unwritten rules above.

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