Frequently Asked Questions About Being an Escort

Can I actually make money?

If you have decided to make a career as an escort, you have surely heard from somebody about it. You may know somebody who makes a lot of money out of it, or you have read about it on the internet. Some escorts are known to earn much more than the average working person in the UK would. To answer the original question, you can surely make a lot of money by becoming an escort.

However, like any business you need good exposure to clients. You need to fight of the competition and make a name for yourself. In other words, it can take some time for you to make more money. When you start off, you need some help from somebody. In most cases, this is an agency that supplies escorts to businessmen, celebrities and other clients. The agency would take a finders fee for each client they give you also known as commission.

Working for an escort agency is the best thing to do when starting out as they take care of all the bookings and advertising needed to bring in clients. Escort agencies will favor their more popular girls so it is important to perform well with clients in order that the escort agency receives good reviews. The more clients like you the more the agency will favor you over other escorts. You need to provide the escort agency with professional photography. The better your photos the more clients you will get requesting a booking with you. If you don't have a good photographer ask the escort agency if they can recommend someone.

When you begin you should be brave and learn the hooks of the business. Most women would leave during the early stages, because they cannot handle difficult situations with clients, or they are just not comfortable with the whole thing. If you stay in the business, you will eventually learn a lot and you will also get a lot smarter about dealing with clients.

Where should I do business?

This is an important thing to consider before you become an escort. At the moment it is mainly the big Cities in the UK that are hubs for escorts. They make their best money where there is a lot of activity. There are businessmen flying in and out of these Cities and they need companions while they are staying at their hotels or anywhere else. Many escort agencies are also concentrated in these areas and there is loads of competition.

The problem is with working in bigger Cities as an escort is the shear amount of competition. The bigger the city the more escorts flock to work in them. Take London for example, there must be over 5000 escorts in the City. Escort agencies tend to deal mainly in these cities but you also get escort agencies covering smaller towns. If you want to work from a town then there may not be as much clientele but the compettion will be smaller so it might balance itself.

What are the benefits of being independent?

Escorts are either independent or they work for an agency. In short, here are some of the benefits that you gain when you work independently.

  • You can choose your hours more flexibly
  • You can choose your own terms and talk to your clients before they come and see you
  • You get to keep all the money that the client pays

Many escorts do work independently and they earn a lot more because of that. They may earn more per booking but the bookings may not be as frequent as they would be working for an agency. Flexibility is very important for many escorts. Maybe you are juggling your escort job with another job. Maybe you have family commitments and you need to negotiate with your clients. Being independent helps you work on your own terms.

On average, escorts working on an independent basis earn more than those working with agencies. If you have decided to be an escort on your own, then you are pretty brave. You are probably also quite intelligent and know what you are doing. In other words, you will be in control of what you do.

Clients don’t just want sex when they choose their escorts. They also want somebody to keep them in good spirits. How you do your job in this regard is what separates the successful escorts from the average ones.

What are the disadvantages of going independent?

Being an independent escort also means that you have to fend for yourself and you have more responsibilities. You have to manage your clients yourself. You have to take all the safety measures yourself. Briefly, here are the things that might make you want to opt out of going independent as an escort.

  • You have to work on getting your own clients
  • You have to answer calls from clients which could prove difficult
  • You need to keep your own website updated and spend money on advertising
  • You need to network

In traditional language, it is the difference between getting a job from an employer and starting your own business. When you are independent, you have to work harder to keep the money coming in. You need to spend time looking for clients. One of the ways you get clients is by having your own website. That takes some time and it requires investment.

If you have a website you need time to maintain it. As an escort you may not have time to do it, so you delegate it to a company. You have to pay them to maintain your site. You have to take care to update it constantly. In other words, you may have to do a lot of clerical work in order to earn more money. These are not necessarily the disadvantages. You could see them as challenges that are in front of you. If you are enterprising, you can deal with all of this and earn your money.

How should I handle payments?

Payment is a tricky issue for many escorts. Look, most of your encounters with your clients will involve sex. In the UK, this comes very close to prostitution, although it is a different principle. Therefore, all the laws that relate to prostitution in the UK also apply to your escort work. When it comes to being paid, you want a way for the exchange to be as quiet and anonymous as possible.

Remember that payment is for time and companionship only, anything that happens after that is between two consenting adults. So in short, the client is paying for your company. Payment should always be in cash and handled at the beginning of the booking.

What are the most important safety tips for being an escort?

Being an escort is sometimes risky. Typically escorts follow many safety tips that are common knowledge. However, the most important one of them, as suggested by many experienced escorts is not to be intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. When you are drunk, your client can do just about anything with you, and you won’t even remember. You are not in control of the situation. The same goes with drugs. Not only is it illegal, but it can get you in to a lot of trouble professionally.

Secondly, insist that you will only entertain your client if he is alone. You don’t want added company. Since this involves sex, it could be an uncomfortable experience for you. Moreover, with more than one male dominating you, the situation could get troublesome. If you allow more than one person as an escort, you better know what you are doing. If you are comfortable with it, by all means go for it.

Screen your phone calls well and get to know your potential client on the phone first. Discuss his intentions for the booking and find out what his fetishes are. This is not a full proof way of only seeing good clients but you can get quite a lot from a long conversation.

There are many more rules to follow as an escort. You will find a more detailed list of do’s and don’ts in a dedicated section on this website.

What should I do about aggressive clients?

Dealing with aggressive clients is somewhat tricky. In part, this is what will decide whether you will last as an escort or not. The first thing that you should do is prevent doing business with such clients. As mentioned above, screen them and gather as much information about them as possible. This will help you a lot.

It is better that you have somebody waiting for you when you are with your client. Let your client know that you have some defense, in case he decides to become unruly and aggressive. Even if you don’t have somebody with you, drop hints to that effect. It will keep the client in check. Usually, you will know within a few minutes whether the client is going to behave well with you or not. Tell him you need to text your driver to let him know you are OK.

If you sense early signs of trouble, just make a nice excuse and walk out of the meeting right away. It is up to you to be creative enough and come up with a good enough reason to leave temporarily. Not the least, it should help if you have some physical combat skills, just in case.

In short, the best way to deal with client trouble is to stay out of it. Prevent trouble and you will have a much better time.

We have covered the most common questions that escorts have when they are new to the job. If you are working with an agency, you will be given all the information you want. For more information about different aspects of being an escort, you can read the other articles here. They cover all angles in detail.

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