How to Get a Better Response from your Clients

Being a glamorous and scintillating escort is not good enough. You should know the tricks well to reach out to the maximum number of clients and increase client response. This takes into account certain key strategies which if incorporated into your promotional ads will surely fetch you more brownie points and definitely more clients than the rest and this will enable you to earn much more than you had ever thought.

Let us discuss some indispensable strategies which will ensure a better client response.

Publicize in various directories

Online directory websites are a great place to advertise your services. You can normally add your profile to a directory completely free of charge. Directories will then charge for premium listings. A directory will have tons of categories to advertise your services in. Categories normally consist of areas, escort types and price bands. With most directories you can select which categories you want to appear in and then by paying a fee become a featured listing in that category.

The benefits to advertising in a directory is the fact they already have very good search engine placements. To find the best escort directories to advertise in simple do a search on Google for the keywords a client would type to find you for example "Blonde London Escort" or "Escort in Chelsea". Have a look at the results that come up and if they are directories they are worth advertsing in.

You may be contacted quite a lot by escort directories wanting to sell you their advertising services but only pay to advertise with the directories that topple the search engines otherwise you wont be seen and would have wasted you hard earned money.

Provide More Services

Every client is different, every client has fantasies and he is looking for the right escort to fulfill those fetishes. It is important that you learn all the different services offered in the escort industry and take on board as many as you feel comfortable with. For example a big fetish is dress up or uniforms, a lot of guys like cheerleader or schoolgirl outfits so offering a roleplay service might increase your clientele. It's also a good idea to portray any fetishes in your online photography. If you have outfits and you offer roleplay make sure you show this in your photos.

Sensuous thumbnail photographs

It is very essential for escort agencies and also for independent escorts to have attractive and alluring photographs of them so they instantly grab a client’s attention. He or she should be completely bowled over by your sensuality since viewers usually view these thumbnail photos while seeking the girl of their ultimate desire. The photos should be so immensely flattering that a client can never say no to you. After viewing the thumbnail photo the client will automatically view your profile and will eventually give you a call thus enabling you to have more business.

Clear professional photos

Never post cheap low grade hazy photographs of yourself on the internet. This will lead to a low client response. Clients will turn you down by thinking you to be a low class unrefined amateur escort. Escorts who post real photographs of themselves, taken by a professional photographer will always be a more attractive proposal to all potential clients. These photos help the escorts acquire a lot of business since most clients are awed by the sensuality of the women in the photograph and want to experience them first hand.

Variety is essential

Photographs should be changed at periodic intervals. If you stick with the same photographs for years then it diminishes the viewer’s interest. You should always update your website with new enticing photographs. Try changing your look by experimenting with different styles and by flaunting sexy garments. You never know but a client might just get turned on by those red kinky knee length killer heel boots and just a tiny little bikini top. Fashion accessories and colorful wigs are great tools which not only enhance your look but also provoke and incite the viewers instantly. Their irresistibility towards you leads them to hire you for companionship.

Avoid being fake

Include text  which matches your profile and is relevant. Often clients land up hiring escorts for a mentioned quality of theirs but become thoroughly dissapointed after not getting what was promised. This leads to dwindling client response and you are often not desired and considered a fake at the same time. This should never be, you must be as transparent as possible in order to increase client response by providing them what you've promised in your profile. 

Pay for a top position on the website

Research shows that escorts who acquire top positions in the thumbnail rails by paying more to the directories are the ones who get most visits and client response.

These above mentioned strategies will prove extremely beneficial to those escorts and escort agencies who are seeking ways to enhance their customer response. These tactics if applied will definitely enhance and boost client response and will also provide better exposure to the escorts. These strategies will enable them to portray themselves better in front of their clients thus magnifying their scope of income.

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