Escort Etiquette

When you are travelling, hiring an escort for the duration of your stay can give you a pleasurable experience. If you want to have a really good time with your escort, the first thing you should learn is to respect her. The fact that she will provide you company and sex for money doesn’t mean that she is cheap and can be taken for granted.

Some escorts are sophisticated and smart. They know what clients are like, and they can identify when they see a person who has never hired an escort before. There are certain unspoken rules to be followed if you want things to go smoothly.

Your own research

The first thing you should do before you hire an escort in the UK is to do your research. You want an escort for a specific period of time and for specific purposes. You want the escort to be timely and professional. You might want to start looking through forums and websites that have reviews for escort services for customers in the UK.

Most independent escorts and agencies have their own website up and running these days. This is a convenient place to find out about the terms of their service. They clearly mention what escorts provide you as part of their service, and what they don’t. Don’t be troubled if sex is not mentioned, because they never utter that word anywhere in their content, but they do agree to have sex with you.

When you are reviewing websites, don’t always go by the photos that you see. Some unethical  Agencies don’t advertise with photos of their actual escorts. The photos are only decoys meant to lure you into hiring them for service. Again, the best way to find out if the pictures are genuine is to ask the agency and also see how menu genuine looking reviews the escort has.

First contact

All escorts and escort agencies take bookings predominantly by telephone. If you are booking an incall to visit the escort you must be phoning from a mobile phone. The agency or escort needs your mobile phone number to call you in the event that anything has changed. You will also need to phone the escort or agency when you are outside the escorts address so she can let you in.

If you are booking an outcall for the escort to visit you then 9 times out of 10 the agencies will want a landline number that they can call you back on to confirm the booking. If you are requesting the escort to visit you in your hotel room, be prepared to give the hotel telephone number, room number and the name the room was booked under. The escort or agency will then discreetly call the hotel and ask to be put through to your room.

Most escorts will not visit your address if they cannot ascertain you are where you say you are. This is down to the high volume of fake bookings that are made. It wastes the agencies time and most importantly the escorts time.

It is best to follow the procedure as they mention. Don’t be alarmed. They just want to ensure that they will be safe when they meet with you. This is quite a standard procedure and nothing to worry about. Comply with their request and you will have a better experience with them.

When you are initially contacting them, don’t use explicit and vulgar words. They are a big put off when they see such words mentioned, and they consider you to be unprofessional. They might either warn you against doing it again or simply reject you. When you talk to them or email them, be respectful and polite, and they will return the favor.

The verification process

Regardless of where in the UK you want to hire an escort, you cannot skip screening. All escorts need to have some personal information about you. They will use this information in order to know a bit about you.

Some escort will ask for less information, others for more. It is in your best interest to go with the flow and answer all her questions, or you will be booted out as a client. You can rest assured that an escort will not misuse your information in anyway. She just wants to know whether she will go back home safely after an appointment with you. It’s as simple as that.

When it comes to verification, escorts don’t bend their rules, especially for new clients. You either accept it, or move on.

The payment process

When you meet your escort at the place you decided, it is important to handle the payment well. Most escorts would want to be paid by cash, because that is the safest way. Don’t give them cheques or credit cards, this is a cash dominated industry.

If you arrive at an escorts apartment always have the cash to hand when you arrive. Obviously wait until you are inside her apartment and the door is closed before handing her any money. Never arrive at an apartment with less money than what's been agreed. There is nothing more disrespectful than turning up at an appointment and trying to haggle. If you do this with an agency i guarantee they will blacklist you and send your number around to other escorts and escort agencies.


When you book an escort, you do so only for yourself. Don’t have a friend come over before or duiring the booking. She doesn’t expect anybody else to be with you. If they find your friend with you, she will suspect that you are up to something and want to engage in uncomfortable sexual activities. She won’t say much and may just leave the meeting right away.

When booking an incall to visit the escort it's very normal for the escort or agency to give you the road name and postcode. When you arrive in the correct road and contact the escort or agency they will then give you the house or apartment number. Again, this offers an added bit of security for the escort as any time watsers don't have the exact location.

The most popular outcall appointments are to hotels. A lot of escorts don't like visiting residential addresses due to time wasters. With a hotel booking the escort or escort agency can contact the hotel and be put through to your room to confirm you are actually staying there. A hotel is a very busy place and offers a lot more security than a residential address.


If you want your escort to entertain you, it is up to you to behave well and make her happy. She will be more comfortable opening up with you if you are nice to her and care about her. For example, try to know what she likes. Maybe she likes flowers, or chocolates. All girls love gifts, and an escort does so too. You can do little things to make her happy, so she can make you happier. Treat a booking like a date and forget she's an escort.

If you are going to have dinner with her, always make it a point to ask her what she would like to have. Again treat her with respect, and don’t assume that she will have anything you order. If you treat them well, they will treat you well right back.

Don’t be drunk or intoxicated in any way, when she enters the room. Escorts don’t like drunk and unkempt clients, because they repel them. You want to be clean and smell good, so they are more comfortable. If you want to drink ask her if she would like to have some too.

They will not mind you drinking, but don’t go overboard with it. She might likely reject your offer to drink because she doesn’t want to get drunk and lose control. Don’t be offended by this because her safety depends on being totally conscious and alert.


There may be a situation where you have to cancel your appointment with your escort. When this happens, inform her of the cancellation with as much notice as possible. Escorts have their client meetings planned well in advance. If you cancel at the last minute, it means they don’t get your money, and they can’t find another client at such a short notice.

Cancelling appointments at short notice is not something an escort or escort agency will tollerate moe than once. Now if there is nothing you can do about the cancellation and couldn’t call her earlier, explain the situation to her as calmly as possible, so that she understands that you don’t mean for her to lose money.


When you meet her it is bad etiquette to jump to sex right away. She will see it as a very rude and unprofessional display and might not like it. She may not leave because of it, but she won’t enjoy giving you pleasure.

Have some conversation. It may turn out that she is working part time as an escort, and otherwise works in an office just like you. She will probably have a lot to tell you and she will keep you in good company. Usually when she has a good time, she will ask you to get comfortable. This is the time when she is ready for sex. Your job is to be as gentle as possible before the act, so she actually enjoys you.

Don’t forget to tip her for her good service, at the end of your meeting. It will just be the icing on the cake for her.

After hiring

Once your appointment with your escort is over and you have enjoyed it, it is good for you to post about it on the forums. Give the escort a positive review and she will get more clients. It will also make her happier that you liked her company. If her service was not as good as you expected it to be, don’t be too harsh in your comments. Use decent words to express your disappointment.

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