Escort Meeting – What to Wear?

As an escort, your looks and appearance are always under scrutiny and that is why you should make sure that you look your best at all times during working hours. It is naturally seen that most of the girls who are in the escort industry are naturally beautiful but due to the high competition, the way you dress and makeup yourself can make a huge difference. The escort industry consists of girls and women of all shapes and sizes to satisfy the needs of different people with different desires but one of the most important factors when meeting a new client, which can make a lot of difference is how you dress yourself. 

No matter which category of escort you belong to, whether you are BBW or a GFE escort, the way you dress can help you get more clients, create an appealing impression and it goes without saying it will help in seducing the client too. The escort industry is about fun and pleasure. Depending upon where your meeting is going to be initiated, you can think of what to wear accordingly. If the meeting is scheduled at a high profile bar and restaurant, you have to have a really sophisticated urban look which looks classy and sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. You don’t really have to be an attention seeker but what you need to do is look elegant and graceful.

If you are a beginner in the escort  industry and thinking what you should wear for your first escort meeting, then no matter what you eventually choose to wear, make sure it is comfortable. When you are comfortable in what you are wearing, you will be able to be yourself else you will be too conscious to give it your best. Faking a different look in which you are not comfortable will affect your performance as well as personality and this can go a long way in hampering your image in front of the customer, who just might not like you enough to book you next time. Considering most of the escorts depend on repeat clients for their business, it is necessary that you provide the best services to captivate the client’s imagination so that he considers booking you when he gets the opportunity next time.

Just because you are in the escort industry, doesn’t mean you have to show off too much flesh. Wearing short skimpy clothes is not the only way to go. For high rise occasions and venues, you can choose to wear long dresses or knee length dresses, something like prom or grad dress with a small clutch purse and high heel shoes. That should give you that perfect look for high profile venues. Wearing short skirts and elegant low tees will also give you that mysterious appeal you are looking for. Short halter type dress, which might be backless is a very good option too for such occasions and are basically versatile and can go along with just any sort of venues, whether casual or high profile.

Many of the people you take suggestions from will ask you to follow what they wear generally but remember that you need to make your own identity in this business and you do not want to copy someone else's style. Keep in mind who you are going to meet, the age of the client and where you are going. Client’s also at times do request on purpose what the escort should wear and if you have instructions, it solves half the problems. In any case, you should not compromise on the comfort part because if you are not comfortable, half of the time, your mind will be stuck to it. You should try and avoid wearing jewelry as that means you will have to keep track of where you are putting and keeping it safely because eventually, it's all is coming off. Having less to track is better when going for an escort meeting.

When the appointment is set for the room of the client or your house directly, you can try to be more experimental with your attire. Wearing seducing sexy very short dress with seducing lingerie inside will be a good way to attract the client towards you and giving him a good time. Your makeup plays a very important part as well along with what you wear. Wearing makeup is okay but you should not over do it as it will make you look whorish which you certainly don’t want. Escorts are women for high profile entertainment and you should always have a classy appeal as well as makeup. Also, makeup should be something like that which does not destroy your client’s clothing. Keep it subtle and graceful while being visibly present enough in optimum amounts.

Make sure that your hairstyle compliments your dress code no matter what you choose to wear. You can consult your regular hair stylist before the meeting and if you are a pro, you will generally be able to do it yourself but if you are a beginner or if this is your first meeting, the consulting of a hair stylist is important as it can make or break your look. All in all, it can be said that you need to be yourself while ensuring that you are able to show a good portion of your skin in a very classy manner, that it looks elegantly sexy and appealing without looking vulgar or cheap. 

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