Do's and Dont's While Meeting Clients

As an escort there are many things you need to keep in mind while meeting your client. You not only need to create an impression and make him happy, you also need to see that you are safe and that the criteria you have set for the meeting is also checked. Most of the times, a proper screening of the client is done on pre-listed parameters either by the agency or by yourself and only when the client is seen as good to go, is when the meeting is confirmed and rates are fixed. So, most of the time, there are very little chances of anything going wrong but still, there is a long list of do’s as well as do not’s that you need to take care of and keep in mind at all times.

If you have screened well and checked with the client's personal details and verified the same, you can be sure that nothing much is wrong and hence, you can fix the appointment and start preparing yourself for the meeting. Dress up nicely, style your hair as well as wear subtle makeup and get ready for the booking. Below are the list of do’s and do not’s mentioned for your further reference –

Do’s –

  • As soon as you arrive at the meeting point, it is very important that you are confident as well as assertive. Being in control of the situation and looking like it, is very important for many reasons.
  • Be polite, friendly, professional and cordial even when the client is not quite a gentleman.
  • Keep very limited items on your person like limited cash and a mobile phone, just in case.
  • If anything seems weird or fishy, tell him that you need to leave or cancel the appointment. It is advisable to take a driver along on an outcall booking.
  • Check the donation amount as soon as you get in. A Gentleman will make sure that you do not have to ask for it and places it neatly on the table. Make sure that services are always provided after the donation is taken and checked.
  • Keep enough condoms on your person and no matter what, do not provide just any services without wearing protection. Check the body of the client for any kinds of wounds, scars, red bumps, allergy marks and so on and inquire if you feel it looks serious.
  • Generally, clients are notified of the services which would be provided before the booking. In case you feel the need, during the conversation, push in the terms and conditions again.
  • Try to be seductive and as per client’s wish list, get your act together and make him feel like he is getting one of the best value for money services. Fulfill his fantasies and fetishes, but the point is to not stretch your limits beyond what you feel comfortable with. Do whatever is possible, within your safety and hygiene limits.
  • Keep identity documents in your car or at home and do not take it in your purse along when meeting a client. Keeping your identity secret and discreet at all times is very important in this business, for your own good.
  • Even if it is a repeat client, be thoroughly professional, even if a bit more friendly. You do not owe him more than what he has paid for.
  • Ask the client to take a bath or bath him and make it a part of the session if you feel the need. No amount of money is worth the risk of getting a disease by getting intimate with a dirty and distasteful client.


Don’ts –

  • Being professional doesn’t mean you have to have an uptight attitude. Do not be full of attitude or totally materialistic. It is about having a good time and you need not behave like a sex object, who means nothing else.
  • Do wait for the client to pay your donation by himself and ask only if time has passed by and he has not offered it yet.
  • Do not drink with clients. If  you have to have a drink or two, make sure the client opens the beverage container in front of you or better still open it yourself. If he doesn’t, politely refuse. If you are going to party with the client, accompany the client and see the beverage being poured and carry the glass yourself.
  • Do not entertain the use of drugs or any other illegal substance in your presence and neither consume it yourself.
  • Do not keep your purse with cash and mobile phone far away from yourself. It should always be accessible and at hand’s length from yourself.
  • Do not develop an emotional relationship with your client or plan to marry or befriend him beyond professional relationship. Some clients will offer you the world and 9 times out of 10 don't back it up.
  • Do not act dumb or too dull. Assert all the signs of you being a thorough professional and act like you know the game inside and out, even if you don’t. Your confidence can save you from getting into a tough situations half the time.
  • Do not discuss your personal life with clients.
  • Do not disclose your personal details or identity to your clients during the meeting, no matter how good he seems to be.
  • Do not take bad sessions to your heart and similarly, do not feel disheartened or sucked in by your client’s personal problems. Let him vent it out if he must, but do not take it seriously. You have your set of problems too.
  • Do not negotiate your price. Do not fall for people who say they can make you a star. Do not let clients blackmail you and say they will give you bad reviews if you don’t provide so and so services.
  • Do not accept payments in any other form other than cash. Money orders, credit cards, bank transfers, cheques are strictly not allowed.
  • Do not extend your time without getting paid.

The details above should cover the basics, though the list can be endless. It is only the experiences that you will have while you are in the industry, which will make you a complete professional as in any other business or field. The tips mentioned above and the other information that you can get on this site will help you be better prepared for all kinds of situations and make you a better beginner compared to others. Whether you are a pro or a newbie, these general tips are helpful for all and are researched to be the primary do’s and don’ts you just cannot miss or skip.

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