How to Make Better Connections with Your Clients

Being an escort is not very easy. There are many nuances to it. In this industry to be an escort of the high strata involves a lot more than you would usually anticipate. Attracting clients might not be difficult for you owing to your beauty or appeal but sustaining or retaining those clients is of utmost importance to keep your business going. An escort must not always be essentially beautiful. Being beautiful is not enough in this field. You need to have personality so that you can comprehend and understand well what your client is looking for in your encounters. 

To retain your clients you need to establish better connections with your clients. It is very important that you connect to your clients emotionally. Often, at times we fail to understand the reasons behind hiring an escort. We essentially think in one dimension and conveniently conclude by thinking that a client is looking for sex and that is why he or she resorts to an escort agency or an independent escort. But there are many unrevealed reasons as to why men hire escorts. They often are unsatisfied with their own conjugal life, or are simply stressed out; they are at times extremely lonely and are looking out for some emotional support and meaningful companionship.

Indulging in sexual activities is certainly a very important aspect of this profession but in order to establish better connections with your clients you do need to take into account the above mentioned things too. These things will make your client oriented which is of utmost importance in this field.

Be Client Oriented

An escort should always keep in mind that his or her primary concern should be their client’s satisfaction. They should always shape things according to the client’s will and choice. Every step taken should keep in mind the client’s need and desire. An escort should be able to establish a connection with her client in order to serve him better. Now you must be thinking how to do that, well let me tell you:

  • Initially make simple and light conversation with your client.
  • Next try exploring your client’s world by asking him questions related to his workplace, his place of birth, his marital status etc.
  • Then try and delve deeper by trying to know the reasons behind his need for an intimate and comfortable adult companionship.
  • Try to draw out any fetishes or fantasies he may have. There maybe things he wants to do which he cannot do with his wife.

By probing your client in this manner not only will you get to know him better which will certainly aid you to serve him better but your client will also be able to connect better with you. He will also have this feeling that “you care” which is indeed very essential. This will certainly keep the client coming back to you.

Be Empathetic

As an escort you should always think what you can do to serve these men better. You must always relate to their problems and hence your motive should always be targeted towards reducing their difficulties. Through your expressions and work your client should understand that you are taking the steps required to relieve them of their stress and satisfy them. You should try to fill their emotional voids and their egos. An escort should know how to suspend loneliness and instill sexual poise and confidence in their clients. All these will aid your client to feel very comfortable in your presence and he will automatically connect to you with great ease.

Communicate Transparently

When you meet a client for the first time you should always communicate clearly with him since many clients are very particular and they know exactly why they are visiting an escort. They come with certain expectations and will want you to fulfil them. Often clients get very disappointed on not receiving what they had expected and desired. Hence to avert any such situation it is essential that you communicate clearly with him by getting to know his hopes, desires, needs and concerns. This transparency helps in establishing a better connection with your clients.

Professional Conduct

Being professional is very important. You need to have a healthy mind frame to understand your clients better. You should be both physically and emotionally healthy in order to look better and even perform better. A professional attitude is often regarded by clients as a high quality which shows just how dedicated and serious you are about your work. Being a professional escort is not easy. You need to do certain things to be termed as professional.

  • Be very punctual, arrive to sessions on time.
  • You should be enthusiastic no matter how weary you are.
  • Go that extra mile and remain bushy-tailed throughout the session.
  • Focus all your energy and attention on the client.
  • Be appropriately dressed and maintain proper hygiene.
  • Be very respectful and focus on your client.

All these qualities will not only ensure quality service but will also have a very good impression on your client. You should also make sure that he feels absolutely comfortable and does not feel uneasy and get dispassionate or bored. Experience should be such that your client would always keep coming back to you for more quality intimate companionship.

Appreciate Clients

Most clients prefer being appreciated and pampered. Do acknowledge them; ask for more time if possible. This will portray to the client your concern and appreciation for them. Show them how intently you value their companionship, show them that you care. These will help you and the client both to connect better with each other. He will feel more secure and look for more intimate companionship with you. Your concern for your clients will be a vital factor which will not only invite more clients but will also sustain your old clients.

If you are an escort and would like to connect better with your clients than remember to jot down these points discussed here in your little black book. These will be of great help in this escort business.

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