Dos and Don’ts for Escorts

Being an escort is considered to be a risky business by many people. However, safety tips for escorts are now very common and employed by virtually everybody. Here is a bunch of do’s and don’ts that should keep you out of trouble with clients and with the law.


Do your best to be anonymous.

  • Avoid attempts by clients to get your home address. It could have bad results down the line. Some clients are known to be obsessed with a particular escort, which is not healthy for your business. If you do incall appointments it pays to rent an apartment. If you are going to offer incalls from your home address it helps to have an intercom system.
  • Do not call or receive calls from your clients on a personal mobile phone. Your bills can easily expose your details to nosey clients and they may get your address by using data theft mechanisms. You can easily get a pre paid phone registered in another name to hide your details from clients.
  • If possible, don’t carry anything in your purse that personally identifies you. It could prove to be a mistake in case the client turns out not to be an ideal one.


Payment is the most important thing to consider.

  • Ask the client to pay in advance for your escort services or as soon as you arrive. Never let the client pay afterwards as you might not get your money.
  • Stay clear of accepting payments by debit or credit card. Firstly no UK banks endorse the escort industry and will take away your payment privaleges and more often the not keep your money. Secondly clients can easily phone their credit card company and put a stop on a payment.
  • Buy yourself a pen checker to check that bank notes are real. We have seen a lot of cases where escorts have been paid in fake bank notes.
  • If a client hands you an envelope with cash don't take his word for it that it's all there. Check the envelope and make sure he has paid you the correct money.
  • When a client pays you never put it with your other earnings as you don't want to reveal to the client you have large amounts of cash in your property.

New Customers

When you agree to provide escort services to a new client, make it clear to him about the terms and conditions.

  • Let him know exactly what your service involves, how long the service lasts and what kind of payments you expect.
  • Do not talk about sex with a new client. A client should know that sex is not discussed on the phone.
  • Gather as much information as you can about your client. Find out what he's expecting by asking if he has any special requirements like uniforms, toys or fetishes. This will give you a greater understanding of the type of client.
  • Don't accept a booking if you're not sure about a client. Always go with your gut feeling. If he asks funny questions, alarm bells should ring.
  • Don't accept incall bookings from a landline as it could be a time waster in a phone box.

When on an outcall

You need to be extra careful when you are booking an outcall. Here is what you should do.

  • The first thing that you should do is verify the address of your client. You want to know that the address you got is a genuine one, especially not a place in a lonely area. Take a landline number and call him back to confirm.
  • Do arrange your own transportation to and from your client’s home. You don’t know when you will need to leave and trusting your clients to pick you up from home and dropping you off is not a good option.
  • If possible, have a driver drive you to the client’s place. This is especially helpful when your client is residing in an unknown area. This way you know that you have somebody waiting for you if things don't go so well.
  • If the client makes a booking to a hotel, ask for the hotel telephone number, the name the room was booked under and the hotel room number. Discreetly go through reception and ask to be put through to his room number. This will confirm the validity of the appointment. Clients in hotels are used to this and if he doesn't want to give his real name then be very wary.
  • Don’t accept calls from a customer if he insists that you do not travel with a driver or by a taxi. This is usually a clear indication that his intentions aren’t good.
  • Don't travel to poor residential areas. Every city has areas you wouldn't feel safe in. Know these areas and give them a wide birth.

When to Cancel

Here are a few situations where you should cancel your booking.

  • If you arrive at your client’s place and find more people with him. You didn’t sign up for this and it could put you at risk.
  • If you find that you have arrived to a party, there may be more people around waiting for you, which isn’t a good sign.
  • A client turns up and then sais he needs to go to the cash machine. He already knew the price over the phone so why was he not prepared. This would ring alarm bells, let him leave but when he phones up again do not let him back in or check he's not coming back in with anybody else.

Being safe

  • Don’t carry too much cash in your purse when you are providing services to a client.
  • If you have someone like a driver waiting outside for you, then inform your client. It will let the client know that he needs to behave.
  • Always let someone else know exactly where you are when on an outcall. A friend or family member is the best bet. Text them when you get to the appointment and make sure they expect a text when you leave.

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