How to Work Safely As an Escort

One of the things that escorts have to take seriously about their business is their own safety. Over years of experience, escorts and agencies have come up with a few ways to be safe when working with clients. Basically, in order to be safe, you should

  1. Know as much about your client as possible
  2. Reveal as little about yourself as possible
  3. Take safety measures when it comes to your health

Service Terms

Within a few days of becoming an escort, you will have a good idea about what kind of rules you want to set for yourself as well as your clients. For safety reasons, here are the basic steps that you should take:

  • Out calls to visit the client or booking yourself a hotel room to offer in calls is the best way to offer escort services. This falls in nicely with the rule of giving your clients little to no information about yourself.
  • List all your services on your website or profile page as you want to avoid lengthy conversations regarding sexual activity on the phone.
  • Refrain from discussing sex on the phone, by text message or by email. Always refer clients back to your website.
  • Don't waste your time answering calls from withheld numbers. They are more than likely going to waste your time.
  • On out call appointments always book a driver to escort you to and from the appointment.
  • When you arrive at a clients location, first things first sort out payment and then tell your client you need to text in with your driver.
  • Always let someone else know where you are going when visiting a client.

In call

When you are booking in call appointments to the actual property where you live it's advisable to only do this after you have met the client previously. This is your home after all and you don't want just anybody coming round.

With incall appointments to your home, always have a separate room to entertain your clients. Let this room be as far away from your personal room as possible. When clients beckon, lock all doors except the one meant for clients. Don’t store any money, jewelry or other valuables in this room, because they could be in danger of being stolen.

Incall at a Hotel

The best option to offer in calls is by booking yourself a hotel for the night or even the week. Clients visiting you at a hotel keeps you safe and above all your anonymity. Hotels are very busy places and wont notice clients coming and going. Being a busy place they also provide a safe haven to conduct business with your clients. Many escorts find this to be a sound middle ground between an outcall and their own home.

If you have a hotel arrangement in place, here are the things that you should do for safety reasons.

  • Book well in advance and ask the client to book your appointment in advance as well.
  • Don’t bring any valuables with you to the hotel room and don't take unnecessary risks.
  • Don’t have anything with you in your purse that identifies you personally, such as your driving license.
  • Don't forget to put the "Do not Disturb" sign on the door.
  • Don’t tell your client where you have arranged your meeting until the last moment.
  • Tell him about your room number only after he arrives at the hotel, just in case he is a time waster.

One important thing that you should remember when having such an incall arrangement is to change hotels frequently. You don't want to raise any suspicion with the hotel staff.

Outcall to Visit your Client at Home

There are times when clients often call escorts to their homes, so that they can have a private, pleasurable few hours. In such cases, here are the things you should do:

  • Ask for a fixed land line number for the client’s home instead of just a mobile number.
  • Always call hime back on the land line number he gave you to confirm the booking.
  • Make sure the client knows you only see him and that no one esle is present in the house.
  • Check out the area on Google Maps Street View to see what the street is like.
  • Have a driver with you to take you to the client’s home. Have him stay there and inform the client that you have someone waiting for you to pick you up after the appointment is over.

These are enough tips that cover both incall and outcall appointments for escorts. Verifying information is always important and it is one of the golden rules of escorting.

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