Brothel Owner Made Millions through his Evil Sex Empire by Exploiting Young Women

Mon, 22 May, 2017

A brothel owner made millions through his five brothels by taking advantage of women with no money and in the low point of their lives. David Archer, 53, was arrested for building a sex empire and earning a minimum of £1.6million annually between 2013 and 2016. During his arrest, he had four properties in London, two cars and additional properties in Dublin.

He used to take half of everything that the prostitutes at the brothel made and would regularly visit these brothels to collect the money. He also had CCTV set up in his home so that he could monitor his brothel located in a property in Fulham. During the hearing at the Snaresbrook Crown Court, the prosecutor said that the prostitutes at these brothels saw up to 15 men a day. He was helped by two accomplices, Emma Cox, 41 and Zobia Taqi, 29 to run his empire smoothly from Fulham to Forest Gate in east London. The police were tipped off about the gang in January when they got a call from one of the victims saying that a woman was locked up in a home in Wanstead, east London.

During the sentencing, the prosecutor Ian McLoughlin said that one of the victims met David when she was at a low point in her life. She felt that he lured her back and took advantage of her since he knew that she did not have much money. She felt cheap and nasty knowing that he had abused her trust. She had initially blamed herself for what happened to her, but it was not her mistake. Another victim said that she was forced to have sex with 15 men in a day.

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The police seized a laptop from one of the brothels and found shocking documents in it that talked about the rules that everyone had to follow. According to the note, the victims were forced to work from 12 pm to 1 am on weekdays. They always had to wear sexy underwear and could not drink before 9 pm or use drugs.

David Archer had changed his name from David Grunt in 2012. He took the duty to ferry the victims between the brothels and also trafficked women from abroad to work in his brothels. Cox, who was a former prostitute, helped him manage the brothel. Taqi was responsible for the finances of the business. One victim stated that Cox had asked her if she wanted to work as an independent prostitute or work with David and split the earnings 50/50.

Archer was listed as a director in two companies, Travel Inn Ireland Ltd and Inspire Designs London Ltd, which were used as a front to purchase properties that were used as brothels. He had a home in Wanstead, an Inn in Forest Gate that he bought for £1.5million and an Excel hotel in Plaistow for £545,000. He also had a rented house in Fulham from where he controlled what was going on in his brothels. All the defendants admitted controlling prostitution for financial gain. Archer also admitted to other offences and the sentencing would be announced on Friday.