How to Screen Clients Carefully

Escorts are quite vulnerable to various hassles, be it legal or by choosing the wrong types of clients. At times, clients can be demanding and in order to protect you from such crass clients it is necessary that you screen your clients every single time before you enter into any kind of booking with them. Screening is of utmost importance since this not only ensures your safety but also shows the client you are a strict professional and you take your business very seriously. Screening is very crucial since it ensures that the clients whom you entertain are decent and are coming to see you for all the right reasons.

You must be thinking it's very difficult to screen clients but let me assure you that this is not the case. Screening a client is very easy and does not involve too much work. A little creativity and a few tactics are sufficient to screen a client. In the escort industry there is always the scope of meeting new potential clients who at times turn out to be less then gentlemen like.Hence in order to safeguard yourself from such time wasters you need to screen your clients very meticulously. Screening will not only ensure safety but also it will enable you to serve your client better.

Being a part of the escort industry requires you to participate in sexual activities with your clients. This requires you to a have a calm composure so that you can be in complete control of any situation. Always remember one thing that you never want to entertain aggressive people who want to take charge of the situation by simply negating your presence. You should always be vigilant enough to make sure that your client does not cross his or her limit.

As we've mentioned before, being an escort in the UK is completely legal, it's just surrounding factors that are illegal. As an independent escort or an escort working for an agency you should never be bothered by the police. In America the rules are very different and quite often the US police can make bookings in order to entrap escorts. Luckily you never have to worry about whether the client is a police officer or not.

Being an escort you always run the risk of meeting clients who turn out to be abusive. Hence in order to prevent such bookings you can follow a few steps

  1. If you work for an agency they will screen all the clients. Agencies normally keep a record of every person who has ever called them with detailed notes. Agencies often share bad clients between each other to prevent these clients from getting bookings in the future.
  2. If you work independently you will soon learn the right questions to ask potential clients to find out their intensions
  3. If a client sounds intoxicated, don't take the booking. If a client is drunk this can often lead to a bad appointment.
  4. For outcalls to hotels, call him back in his room by going discreetly through reception.
  5. For outcalls to residential addresses always get a landline number. If a client doesn't want to give out his landline number be wary.
  6. Go with your gut feeling. If you're not sure about the clients intensions or something didn't feel right on the phone, don't do the appointment.

To sum up screening clients is very important. No escort or escort agency should do away with screening clients under any cost. This will not only ensure your long stay in the industry but will also protect you from scammers and abusers and will spare you a harrowing and taxing experience.

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