Security Measures While Meeting Clients

Security of the escorts is the most important aspect which needs to be carefully sorted out and considered before meeting clients. Absolutely nothing can be left to chance because being an escort can be a risky business and can leave escorts quite vulnerable. However, taking right security measures can ensure that the vulnerability of the escorts is reduced greatly. Meeting different kinds of clients every day of different backgrounds, natures and character is some what tough and getting along politely and being at your best all the time can sometimes take a toll on you. But, it should be noted that under no circumstances, no matter how much you compromise on the other aspects of the business like beauty, rates, time of availability, you do not compromise on your health and security. These two things are often taken advantage of by clients who are typically not the best clients you would want to entertain but unfortunately, during the span of this profession, sooner or later, escorts come across a situation which is weird, nasty or at worst potentially dangerous.

There are few security measures that you can take to ensure that you get away safely or better more, avoid getting into such situations in the first place. Different circumstances need a different kind of reaction and security measures to be taken but one of the best bets would be your alertness. Make sure that at no point in time you let your guard down and come across as someone who can be easily dealt with or is vulnerable. Your level of confidence will help you save yourself in such situations. You do not have to be harsh or insulting, there are ways to put across your message in a polite manner. Keep your eyes open and look for the signs of any danger, if at all, any such signs surface during your encounter with a client. 

Here, we are enlisting a few basic security measures which would help you keep yourself safe when meeting clients. However, the ultimate answer you will get with time and experience. 

The first and the most important thing to do when you are asked for an appointment is to do proper screening of client on the basis of information collected from him. If you notice any sign of discrepancies or false information, verify with the client again and if you feel something is wrong, in the escort industry, it probably is. Many people do like to keep their name hidden but do tell them that you can trust them with your identity as confidentiality is the key aspect of this business and it won’t be compromised under any circumstances. When you work for agencies, the agency will do that for you, but when you are working independently, this is where you have to be more cautious.

Make sure that whatever services you are providing is clearly and neatly mention in your website so that there are no disputes later on regarding that, which can turn out to be really messy and even dangerous. Clients can be demanding but ensuring that the client knows what they are getting from the get go helps in keeping danger away. In other ways, clients can get pushy and demanding of the services you don’t provide or don’t do in the way they have asked for.

In-calls can be tricky so if you are doing it, do it with the clients you trust and have screened over the phone. Push the point that uninformed drop-ins are not allowed or appreciated. If you are doing in-calls do not provide the full address like your house or apartment number until they have arrived and calls you for the exact address. Verify that they have really arrived before disclosing anything to check if they are really alone. Also, keep the venue clean from any personal documents with your name on it and also there should not be any money or valuables laying around. 

For out-call appointments to the client’s address, use a driver to go and pay him well and make him understand, that driving is not only his job but that he also needs to come and help you, if in the unlikly event the need arises. Keep a mobile phone with or near you at all times. Verify the address through Google or through other means and when you reach, check out the neighborhood and gauge its friendliness. Always get a landline number for the client and make sure someone else has that landline.

Always be aware of what the customer is doing. Keep your eyes on him at all times. Do not drink anything from a bottle where the seal was not taken off in front of you. Better more, avoid drinking or taking any form of drugs.

If you sense any kind of problems, change the topic and try to stay calm and cool and if that doesn’t help, find a polite reason to leave. If the client for any reason gets aggressive and out of control, try to reason with him and calm him down. If that doesn’t help, be assertive and try to take back control of the situation. Keep your belongings in an easy to reach place where you can easily get them and leave or have a signal coded with your driver, which he can read and come to your help when you signal. Use your phone to inform, first the driver and then the agency, if you are able to do so.

Always use condoms and make it clear with clients, what you do and what you do not. Detailing this on your website profile is the best way but still, while conversing, you can refresh the client’s memory of the services you offer. Try not to get into client’s personal life and no matter how friendly you are, make sure you have a safe distance from your client mentally. If it's your house, make sure he can only access the workplace and not the whole house. If it's his house or a hotel, ask to use the bathroom just so you can get a feel for the surroundings you are in.

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