Escort Safety Measures

Escort services are considered to be a part of the adult entertainment business in many parts of the world. It is a form of hiring companionship for entertainment for a night or more as per the customers’ requirement.


Now, one of the most important measures for taking the business seriously for escort agencies must be to ensure the safety measures for their escorts. And the makeover takes place with years of practice in the field by knowing the clients’ nature. Some basic forms of safety measures, which are guide lined by the agencies to the escorts to know the client as much as possible, not flaunting much about oneself and concentrating more on entertaining the client. With gaining experience in the industry the escorts should set up some service terms in order to keep their clients happy but not without limitation.

Nature of Clients

There are two types of client bookings: in call and out call. An out call booking is the best possible type when you want to keep your identity hidden. A lot of escorts are happy for friends and family to know what they do, in which case in calls is fine. If this is something you do in secret you may want to refrain from in calls as many clients will soon learn of your address/identity. In call bookings can proove to be more secure as you're working from your own environment where you call the shots. Both in calls and out calls can be safe as long as you screen clients well on the telephone.

In Call Services

An in call service is where a client visits the escort so it doesn't need to be her residential address. Many escorts will go on tour and book hotel rooms in which the clients can visit. In my book this is a much safer way of running an in call service. You are offering the clients a place to come and see you and at the same time hiding your real identity and place where you live. Renting a hotel room also offers that little bit of extra security as they are often quite busy places and clients would feel less likely to act up or push their luck. The only problem with booking a hotel is the cost aspect. You really need to have pre booked clients before you book the hotel in order to guarantee full value for money. If you are an existing escort with a client base, this should not be a problem. Hotels are very discreet as well, people come and go all the time so no matter how many clients enter the hotel it will never look suspicious. A hotel is also a temporary arrangement which gives escorts the ability to up and move at a moments notice. If you offer in calls to your home address and you have curious neighbours they might make it difficult for you. It's not against the law to be an escort and work from home but the police can get involved if neighbours complain. A common charge is disturbing the peace.

Out Call Service

Out call bookings is when the escort visits the client. This is usally at the clients home address or a hotel he may be staying at. Hotel bookings are the best and safest out call for an escort as long as you follow some simple rules. When talking to the client on the phone make sure you take the hotel room number, the surname the room was booked under and the telephone number of the hotel. Let the client know you will discreetly phone the hotel and ask to be put through to him in his room. This excercise will not only confirm the validity of the booking but also the clients identity assuring a safe and pleasant appointment.

Visiting a client in his residential address is also relatively safe. If you're at his address you know where he lives and who he is which the client is well aware of. You do need to take precautions though, just like any other bookings. Always take a land line number so you can confirm the address is genuine. As an escort you don't want to be wasting your time on fake out call bookings, a very long and costly mistake. Call him back to confirm the telephone number he gave you. Listen out for any other noises in the background and make it clear to the client there mustn't be anybody else present during the booking. This is quite simply down to the escorts safety. Two's a company three could be a problem.

If these tips are followed, problems regarding the safety for escorts can be curtailed to a huge extent.

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