BBC New Drama Reveals Shocking Details of the Rochdale Child Sex Abuse Ring

Mon, 22 May, 2017

The sexual assaults and grooming of young women in Rochdale sent a shockwave across the nation. BBC announced a new drama, Three Girls, which is based on the scandal and how they managed to hide from the authorities for so many years.

What exactly was the Rochdale Child Sex Abuse Ring?

The Rochdale child, sex abuse ring, was made known to the public in the year 2012. During this time, nine men were convicted of many offenses including human trafficking and rape of girls as young as 13 between the year 2005 and 2008. One of the sexual health workers in the town, Sara Rowbotham, had spent years trying to get the authorities to take action against these men who were grooming the girls for years. After years of trying, the police started the investigation and ended up apologizing to the people for failing to act and catch the perpetrators. Even the Crown prosecutors and Rochdale Council apologized publicly. There were around 17 agencies that were present to protect these children, but none could do so according to the Rochdale Safeguarding Children Board. All the convicted men, between the ages of 24 and 59, preyed on teen girls, plying them with drugs and booze in the Heywood area.

Who were these Gang Members?

In 2012, BBC reported that nine men, eight of Pakistan origin and the remaining from Afghanistan, were jailed for exploitation of children in Rochdale. During the sentencing, the judge said that the nine men treated the girls as worthless and beyond respect. The ring leader, Shabir Ahmed was jailed for 22 years for rape and other offenses. He along with three other gang members, Adil Khan, Andul Rauf and Abdul Aziz will be deported to Pakistan. After further investigation, five more men were convicted after the case of a minor girl being sexually abused was reopened by the police. Even though the victim told the police in the year 2008 that Freddie Kendakumana raped her, the police did not charge him for all these years until October 2012. Again in 2015, three more men have been accused of child sexual offenses in the town. These three men were caught grooming two girls and a boy under the age of 15 after they would repeatedly go missing.

Rochdale grooming gang

In total, how many victims were there?

In 2012, the police were able to identify 47 young girls who were the victims of this ring. This was a major issue in 2012 that led to the way the police investigated missing children and adults across the country. The ring first came under investigation after the Times had revealed how Asian gangs were targeting young girls in the town of Rotherham. After a thorough investigation, the number of children exploited in that single town rose to 1,400. In Rochdale, it was revealed that children as young as the age of ten were being targeted and groomed for sexual abuse. The authorities apologized for failing to make an effort to stop the gang from operating when they had the chance back in 2008.

What does new BBC program, Three Girls deal with?

The BBC drama, Three Girls, shows the grooming of young women for sexual abuse in the area. The stories are real, and the real victims were interviewed to portray what the girls went through during their ordeal. The drama takes the viewers through the actual experience of three such victims in the three hour long episodes.