Things to Know Before Hiring Escort Service

If you are travelling to one of the many big urban centers in the UK such as London, Birmingham, Manchester etc, you may want to hire escorts for entertainment during your stay. If you know people who know or run escorts or agencies, your experience will be a lot nicer. Here are a few things that are worth knowing about hiring escorts, and availing their services.

May be only massage without sexual activities

Most escort services will not explicitly advertise all the services their escorts may provide. They only have a clause of companionship for a given period of time. This is what you officially pay for. Most escorts will also provide you sexual pleasure for extra unofficial payments. In fact, this is what happens in most dealings with escorts, so you should be comfortable with the idea.

While most escort agencies will have escorts who provide sexual services, there are some who only agree to provide massage services. If you want to have a really relaxing time, this is just fine and you will enjoy. However, if you are like most people, you will want sexual services as well. This is generally decided on the phone, so you should clear everything about the service you need when you talk to them.

From an agency

Most people would hire escorts from agencies that specialize in the business. There are many advantages to this. Agencies screen escorts for quality and not everybody gets accepted. Because of this, you can be reasonably sure that you will have a good experience with them. With agencies, there are the budget varieties as well as the premium varieties. Be careful while choosing agencies.

The thing with agencies is that most things about them are standardized. They have a standard reply to all your questions, and they even have an FAQ on their websites. When you contact them, they will ask you questions in order to determine your personality. This serves both as a background check and a verification service. Some of them may ask too many questions about you.

However, you don’t lose anything by answering them. Some of the better escort agencies use your information to choose the right kind of escort for you, which leads to a better encounter with the escort. Escorts from agencies are also professional in their approach. They are usually briefed about you before they meet you, and they prepare themselves mentally according to what they have been told.

There is one thing about hiring an escort through an agency that you might want to know about. Escorts get only a cut from what you pay them. The rest goes to the agency. Some escorts are thus not paid very well. You might see that the quality of services here might not be as good as you want.

Beware of fake escort agencies however. There is a small difference between an escort agency that provides escorts, and the ones that force their employees into prostitution. Unless you want to be on the wrong side of the law, you want to choose from only the legal escort agencies. Escort agencies are legal, and you don’t need to do this secretly.

Independent escort

Many escorts choose to go independent and work without an agency. They don’t necessarily do it because they weren’t accepted by an escort agency. They do it because they want to take all of the money they get from their clients. They don’t want to split their money with the agency. Escorts generally work for an agency for a few years.

They get a loyal client base and they start out their own escort business, where they work alone. Usually, you will find that they are generally smarter and more intelligent. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be venturing out on their own in the escort agency. You can trust them for good quality. Many of these independent escorts are good enough to have their own website, where they advertise their personal escort services.

Such escorts are more attractive to clients for many reasons:

  • These escorts are really smart. People like being in the company of smart people. They have a greater sexual appeal in them, and you wouldn't really mind paying them more.
  • With independent escorts, you can be more flexible. Unlike agencies, they usually don’t have a contract with terse terms of service. They are quite flexible.
  • They can tweak their services for you if you are ready to pay more. In general, you are likely to get better service from them.

The rates for independent escorts are about the same as what you pay escort agencies. However, for the same rate, you get a better experience with an independent worker.

Be sure she’s above legal age

Remember that escorts industry is legal, but prostitution is not necessarily legal in all regions. When you hire escorts, you will most certainly engage in sex with her. Sex for money is prostitution, and thus all the laws for prostitution also apply to escorts. This means that you shouldn't be hiring any escort who is below 18 years of age.

An escort agency you contact, might be forcing young girls, often victims of human trafficking, into the escort business. This is strictly illegal. If you want to stay out of legal hassles, ensure that you know a little more about the escort agency you are doing business with.

Ask for medical records

Verifying your escorts’ medical details is very important, if you want to avoid any health trouble due to sexual contact with them. There have been cases where clients have hired escorts who have had STD, which gets transferred during sex.

On the other hand, some escorts might also ask for your medical records so they can make sure they are safe from STDs as well. However, many of them realize that they cannot expect a travelling client to carry his medical records with them. They don’t normally insist on it, so you shouldn’t be worried about this aspect.

Most Independent escorts may carry a copy of their medical records with them. Do not skip this step under any circumstances


All escort agencies worth checking out have their own websites running. They are a great place to check out their services. Visit their different sections including, services offered, and terms of service, legalese and such. Make sure you read the entire thing before you hire an escort from them. The good escort agencies are honest about what they have to offer to their clients on their websites.

Also, don’t always fall for the pictures of sexy escorts that you find on the websites. They might just be decoys or means to attract you, for all you know. Usually, when you search for something like “Escort services in London”, you get a list of services. The top few services are generally reliable, and you can hire services from them.

There are some websites that are not legitimate services, but still manage to break into the top rankings. You need to have a way of verifying whether a given website for hiring escorts is genuine or not.

Read reviews on the website

One of the ways you can verify the legitimacy of an escort website is to check its reviews from people who have hired them. Using the above search term, you will also land on some blogs that have been posted by users. Recommendations from these places are usually genuine, and they are good source of information if you are new to a city in the UK.

Now that you have decided on the escort, let’s focus on what you should do once your escort arrives.

She decides payment mode

Escorts are quite particular about their safety and they take every step they can to ensure that you don’t harm them. The first thing for you to do when the escort enters is to pay her. Now, it is usually she who decides how she wants to be paid. She won’t accept credit card payments. She will want cash, because is the easiest way of knowing that you have actually paid here.

An escort will want to have a phone number of yours to check. She will want to have a landline number of yours, so that she knows where to call in case of a problem. She may accept a mobile number, but because anybody can get a new cell phone number, they insist on fixed line numbers. If you offer a mobile number, she may insist that it be a postpaid account.

This way, she can check with your bill records to verify your identity. Escorts screen their clients the same way that you are careful about choosing the right one.

Be confident

When you deal with an escort before hiring her, it is all official. How much you actually enjoy her services and how she treats you, depends entirely on you. If she feels that you are nervous, she will feel your nervousness, and you may not enjoy her services all that much. Escorts usually want to be in control of the situation, so they will always dominate.

However, if you are confident when talking to her and are self assured with your words, she will be increasingly attracted to you. She may willingly offer sex and both of you will enjoy it. There are many other ways to make her happy, so that she treats you in the best possible manner. Girls, even escorts, enjoy unexpected gifts very much.

Whatever you pay her, top it with some extra cash or a gift voucher, and she will be really happy. You will have a more pleasurable time with her when you treat her lavishly.

Be courteous

Escorts respect you more when you respect them. They will be more attractive and open when they know that you consider them as professional, and not a cheap person. It increases their confidence, and they will like offering you their services.

This should be evident even when you are negotiating on the price. Don’t state a very low price. This suggests that you do not respect her enough. If you are too explicit when you talk to her the first time, she may hang up on you. This is especially true when it comes to independent escorts.

If you have never hired an escort before, there is a lot going on behind the scenes that you may not realize. Armed with the above information, you can have a great experience with an escort service. If the escort wants to do business with you again, it means you have impressed her and you have had a great time.

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