A Guide to English Escort Law

It is completely legal to be an escort in the UK. There are no laws against escorts here, but there are laws for prostitution. When it comes to sex, the escort business is considered the same as prostitution. This is why both the prostitution industry and the escort industry have the same laws concerning sex.

In your escort work, there is always sex involved in exchange for money, although this is never officially mentioned anywhere. If you are an escort, you want to steer clear of the law and have a legitimate career. This is a small guide that should help you keep all your activities legitimate.

Escort Age Restictions

Whether it is for escorts or for prostitution, it is illegal to do any business concerning sex if you are less than 18 years of age. If the escort is aged less than 18 years, and if there is proof of sex, then it is possible for both parties to be booked under the law.

Escort Advertising

Under the UK law, it is illegal to advertise for your sex work in anyway. This includes billboards, brochures, flyers, bus benches, telephone poles, telephone booths or the internet. Now that doesn’t mean you cannot advertise your escort services. You can do so freely on the internet and at many places where they can be seen by your potential clients.

There are a few things you should do however.

  • Keep your ads clean. Mention your escort services, but nothing about sex. Firstly, the law won’t take kindly to it. Secondly, clients know that your services involve sex even if there is no mention of it.
  • Keep it clear of all nudity. Again, this is illegal, especially in public places. You can have erotic pictures on your website, or wherever third party ads about your service appear. However, they don’t need to see every part of your body before they hire you. Moreover, escorts never use their pictures for advertising services. It only compromises their privacy.


Escorts don’t usually take to soliciting their services in public places. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any major problem with them. However, some individuals may call their professional prostitution as escort service and solicit clients. The law is strict against attempts to bring sexual service endorsements into the public places. Even if you are not mentioning sexual services, you may be booked by the police for doing so.

When it comes to such borderline matters, the police are concerned with what serves the public best. The police are not too concerned with minor offences that can easily be disproved in court.

Being paid

As mentioned before, being paid for sex is not illegal. However, profiting from somebody else’s sexual services is considered illegal, and you and your agency can be booked for the offence. By having sex with your client for money, you are not doing anything illegal. However, when you are an escort working for an agency, the place is managing your sex work, and thus profiting from it.

The agency could be termed as a brothel and might be asked to shut down the business. There is a small risk even if you are an independent escort. For instance, if you always have a driver waiting outside for you while you are with your client, he is technically assisting you with sex work. Moreover, since you pay him, he is profiting from your sex work. This way, both the escort and the driver can be charged with criminal offence.

If you want to avoid this situation, have a completely foolproof way of getting paid by your client. Firstly, let there be no proof that you took money from your client for sex work. This completely eliminates the sex angle, and there is no legal problem. One of the ways of doing this is to get the payment done through PayPal.

It is a convenient online service for payments. Have a prepaid credit card and link this card to your PayPal account. This way you get paid before you meet your client, and at the same time it remains anonymous.

If you want to do it the old way and want to be paid by cash, here is how things should go:

  1. The client puts cash inside the envelope and keeps it in the bathroom
  2. As soon as you arrive, you ask to go to the bathroom
  3. You pick up the money and put it inside your purse and go about your meeting with your client

This is a safe method of payment of cash that escorts have worked out after many years of experience, and it is a foolproof system. It helps you avoid the English law altogether.


Many escorts call their payments donations instead of fees. Although there is no record of sexual activities that can be proven, donations are yet another layer of security for them. Under this process, escorts ask their clients to place their donations at an undisclosed place and pick them up discreetly.

This way, if there is trouble and there is an account of proven sexual activity between the escort and the client, there is no exchange of money involved. No case can be made for an offence.


Most escorts and agencies have standard contracts drafted, so that the client can read them clearly and sign them. The contracts mention the services provided by the escort and the terms of service. This is usually a very simple deal for most. This is another place where there is potential legal trouble. There shouldn’t be any mention of sexual activities in the contract, because it will then be a clear case of prostitution.

Once the clients sign this agreement, they accept that no sex happened between them and the escort, at least on paper. Why would they resist? After all, it is also their benefit, because they also steer clear of legal troubles.

If you can follow the above procedures properly, English escort laws do not pose much of a problem for you. If you do your escort work through your agency, you will be regularly informed about changes to laws.

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