Whiteley Brothers Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison for Prostituting 15 Year Old

Tue, 9 May, 2017

Three Whiteley brothers, who were involved in a Sheffield child prostitution ring, have been convicted to a total of 30 years in prison for forcing a 15-year old girl to have sex with older men during 40 odd occasions from a council flat.

The three brothers, Shane, 30, Matthew, 25 and Christopher, 24, were all found guilty of child prostitution during the trial last month and were sentenced to 15, eight and seven years in prison respectively. Christopher was also sentenced to another eight years that included rape and sexual assault of girls aged between 12 to 14-years old. Brother’s associate Amanda Spencer was also jailed for three years that she will serve along with a 12-year jail term that she was sentenced to for a similar offense in 2014. Another associate, Taleb Bapir was also sentenced to 10 years in jail for rape.

Whiteley Brothers Jailed for Prostituting Vulnerable Girl

The older brother, Shane, was released from prison in January 2009 and soon started selling drugs from a council flat located at Sheffield Crown Court that was allotted to him after he came out of the prison. Shane used his younger brothers Matthew and Christopher to increase his sales through their contacts and the young crowd that they were in touch with at Castle Markets.

During the sentencing at the Sheffield Crown Court, Judge Kelson QC said that Shane met the Girl C, whose name has been concealed for legal reasons, through his cannabis business and was vulnerable due to the fact that she was suffering from learning difficulties. It was then that the three of them groomed her and exploited her. They prostituted her to different men over many weeks. The Girl C was drawn into the dark web by the three brothers by showing her affection. The girl even told her mother that Shane was like a brother to her and believed that he would never hurt her.

During the trial that went on for seven weeks, the mother of Girl C told the court that during one time, Christopher Whiteley had told her that Girl C “was with them now” during a chat they were having outside a Youth Offending Service Office. Judge Kelson added that these words showed exactly how the three took advantage of her and exploited her by taking her away from people who cared for her.

Girl C has no recount of the total number of men she was forced to have sex with on different occasions. Whiteley brothers used to charge the clients £50 and made anything from £1,500 to £2,000 every week. Apart from Shane’s flat, they also took her to the red light district in the city with the intention of being prostituted. They were also grooming her to use cannabis and had significantly limited her freedom to do anything that they did not like.

During the trial, the jury heard about the ordeal of the Girl C in detail. The prosecutor, Peter Hampton said that the girl was forced to drink and use drugs before being sent to the men to have sex with. She was also compelled to get into cars, after which she was taken to isolated areas and had to have sex in exchange for money. Peter also told the court that there were other victims as well who were forced into prostitution by the Whiteley brothers and Spencer. On one occasion, a girl was taken to about 50 properties and compelled to have sex.

Announcing the sentence, Judge Peter Kelson said that all the accused had succumbed to their greed by sexual and financial gain. He also added that he had never witnessed such broken humanity during his entire professional life.