Virgins for Sale Cinderella Escorts Offer Girls Virginity to Highest Bidder

Mon, 24 Apr, 2017

There is a website that allows girls to sell off their virginity and the most recent was for Aleexandra Kefren, aged 18, that had the highest bidding of a whopping £2 million. The website we are talking about here is Cinderella Escorts that is owned and run by Jan Zakobielski from his parent’s house in Germany using just a laptop. Jan’s partner, who is also called Jan, checks the calls made to the company’s phone number. Their payment policy is pretty simple. Men who want to participate in the bidding and have sex need to make a deposit of 40% into their company’s account. The remaining is done at the point of sale when they meet with the women for sex.  Cinderella Escorts boasts many adult film stars on their payroll. While the starting prices for escorts on their website are £1,730, the agency makes about 20% of the total amount.

The website became popular after it emerged that the website was selling virginities of many girls that included the latest, Aleexandra Kefren. Last December, another Russian girl sold off her virginity on the website for €180,000. She has appeared for an interview where she said that she did it as she wanted to pay for her tuition fees. There was another 24-year-old girl who said that she did not find the right guy to sleep with and hence wanted to sell off her virginity.

The websites also employ doctors to check whether or not the girls have ever had sex so as not to fool the potential buyers. They also undergo psychological testing and given a certificate if they pass. The company calls the meeting of the girls and their clients ‘a date’ and the buyers are free to choose a hotel they like. The owner, Zakobielski said that of the 30 women who wanted to appear on their website, 80% were rejected. Prostitution is legal in Germany.

The 26-year-old owner of Cinderella Escorts, Jan Zakobielski, lives with his parents despite him earning millions of pounds from his operations that he runs from his bedroom. His parents are unaware of the sex racket that he runs. He makes about 20 percent of every sale that allows him to earn hundreds of thousands of pounds every week. In an interview with Mail Online, he said that his business was successful and that the girls are not forced to do anything that they do not want to do. The sex workers have their own minds and opinions that are put to use. He also added that the agency provides protection to all of their escorts and there were many other women like her who had done so in the past. The girls are also free to cancel the meetings if they get the wrong vibe from their clients. They also do not accept girls for their website if they feel that they are doing it with coercion.

Aleexandra Kefren

Aleexandra Kefren is a Romanian teenager who made news in December when she advertised her virginity on Cinderella Escorts. She also made a public appearance on This Morning to explain why she decided to take such an action. She explained that she got the idea by watching the movie, Indecent Proposal when she was young. She wants to help her parents and also buy a home with the money that she earns. A businessman from Hong Kong won the bidding for a massive £2 million. She met with the man in March at a hotel where Cinderella Escorts was by her side.