University Student Selling Used Undergarments Online to Cover High Tuition Fees

Tue, 9 May, 2017

With the cost of living rising and wages being the same, students are finding it difficult to pay their tuition fees by working part time. With the university grants being axed for various reasons, students are now turning to sex work to make ends meet and continue their studies.

According to a recent survey conducted by the National Union of Students, 67 percent of students working in the sex industry is doing so to be able to pay for their living expenses like house rent and food. These students indulge in everything ranging from escorting to webcam sex shows. Students make anything from £150 for performing on webcam websites to £65 for selling their used undergarments on online websites.

In an interview with one of the students who earns extra through sex works online revealed insights into what they do to make money while studying. Stacey, aged-21, started selling her used underpants online six months back and already has five regular clients. She sells around five pairs of underwear each week through her website Sofia Gray. She gets anything from £20 to £50 a pair depending on her client's needs. He said that her clientele ranges from 18-year-old boys to 30-something women.

Stacey also revealed some of the special requests that she gets from her clients. Many clients want her to masturbate in her underwear, others want her to work out in them, and some want her to urinate in them before they buy it from her. The most common request is to masturbate in the panties and many want proof as well. She was happy to share that she offers photographic evidence to all of her clients.

Used underwear for sale

The used panties industry has been on the rise and Stacey can expect to make more money in the future. According to the website Sofia Gray, one woman had sold her used underpants for $5,000. The seller was asked to wear the underpants for three weeks straight. But, Stacey does not want to do this to make money and has never got requests to wear her underpants for more than a week. She does not want to have an adverse impact on her health and also rejects clients that make her feel uneasy. She has turned down several requests from people asking her to excrement in her panties.

Stacey says that by setting up certain boundaries, she gets to enjoy her work. She also feels empowered with the idea that so many people are willing to pay for her used underwear. According to Dr. Alyssa Dweck, gynecologist and assistant clinical professor at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, wearing the same underwear continuously can cause infections and bacterial vaginosis. But, for many people, it is worth the risk to make money.

During the interview, she was asked that since the process is entirely anonymous, doesn’t Stacey sometimes feel like cheating the customer by pretending to wear the underwear longer than she actually has. She explained that most of her clients are experienced and can easily spot a fake. She feels that it is much easier just to wear the underwear herself than to put effort into making good fake underwear. All she needs to do is wear them.

Stacey is slowly getting to know a few of her clients, but she would prefer to keep the relationship professional rather than becoming friends. While they do speak about life now and then, they do not talk much about personal life. Even though she is not ashamed of doing what she does, she wants to keep her online business secret. She does not want the word to go out about what she does as it can affect her career in the future. She signed off by speaking about her future plans for her business. She would still want to continue doing it after she graduates if she keeps earning money and can remain anonymous.