Top Cop from the Kent Police Force Sacked for Working as a Male Escort

Mon, 24 Apr, 2017

One of the cops working with the police force for over 20 years was caught providing escort services. Detective Sergeant Kevin Jones also used to find other escorts for sex on numerous occasions. Between 2011 and 2016 Jones had enquired to buy services from other escorts more than 85 times. It is however not known if he met up with any men or women through the website.

Kevin advertised his services on the portal under the name of Kev6913. On his profile, the cop said that he would be willing to offer anything that his clients’ desire and he is always there for their needs. According to the profile, his charges for an hour were £100, £170 for two hours and £70 for half an hour. He had been working as a male prostitute for about five hours before he was caught after an anonymous letter was sent to the cops about his part-time work.

Kevin admitted to having work as an escort and not disclosing that he was a cop to his customers. He also did not disclose having used the services of sex workers and also being one of them to the Kent Police headquarters in Maidstone. Even though he had used the escort website occasionally, the Chief Constable Alan Pughsley said that there was no evidence to prove that he ever provided such services apart from his profile. He did not turn up to his hearing as he was ashamed.

One of the detectives on the case, John McDermott said that the act by the cop was serious to take strict action against him as this particular website was used by criminal gangs. The human trafficking head, DI Keith Roberts said that he had good knowledge that international prostitution gangs used the website for trafficking girls and boys from developing countries. Still, there was no proof that Kevin had paid for any women who has been a victim of trafficking.

Kevin wanted to resign in the beginning but later said that he would like to continue with his duty if allowed to do so. During an interview, he said that he started to use the website because he wanted affection from others as he was suffering from depression. He also added that he was in a relationship and no longer uses the site or provides escort services to users of the website.

Det. Supt. McDermott said that Kevin has brought disgrace to the force and that his actions disregarded the mission and values that the force holds and has brought embarrassment to the entire force by associating himself with sex workers. The panel found his behaviour to be gross misconduct and dismissed him immediately till further notice. Kent Police expects its officers and staff to conduct themselves to the highest standards and serve with integrity and professionalism. Anyone who falls short of such actions has no place within them. The corrupt unit of Kent Police investigates such incidents seriously and proactively.