Taking Credit Card Payments

Thu, 6 Apr, 2017

Cash is slowly becoming a thing of the past, at least that's what the government would like anyway. Payment technology is exploding though, which we cannot ignore. Contactless payments, Apple Pay, Android Pay, the list is endless. Touch your phone in your local coffee shop or touch your debit card at a train station and automatically pay for goods and services without getting out cash or entering your PIN, what a world we live in.

Cash has always been the driving force of the escort industry. Cash is great, it's physical, it can't be claimed back again and everyone knows where they stand with cash. But, as an escort or escort agency, how many times have you been asked if you accept credit cards? Due to the digital world we live in, more and more people are doing away with cash because paying with your mobile phone or debit card has become hassle free. In a sense it's now easier as you don't have to wait around for change and carry lots of coins around with you.

So can escorts accept credit cards?

The simple answer is, Yes! But this isn't without constraints. A shop keeper for example can phone his bank and simply request a merchant account to accept credit cards. He will probably get a processing rate of around 2%. The escort industry is classed as high risk so forget your local banks and the likes of PayPal, they wont touch us. There are however merchant companies that accept high risk clients. The downside is the processing rate is a lot higher, around 8-10% but this charge could be passed onto the client choosing to pay by card. There are two types of card payments known as "Virtual" and "Terminal". Virtual is when the customer pays for services over the internet. Terminal is when a client puts his credit card into a machine and confirms the payment with Chip & PIN. The best way to take payments is with a terminal as the client cannot claim back his money at a later stage. Because he's entered his PIN and he's cothe only person that should know this, you are protected against charge backs. Online payments work slightly differently and unfortunately are open to charge backs.

For escort agencies it's a little trickier. There's a grey area surrounding upfront payments. The argument stands to reason that if an escort agency accepts payment from the client and then pays the escort her cut, is the escort agency controlling prostitution? I haven't seen a case to date when an escort agency has been prosecuted for controlling prostitution just on the grounds of taking payment directly from the client. Any agency that's been prosecuted for this crime has also rented flats to escorts, given them set times to work etc. That being said there's always a first time.

The escort agencies that currently accept credit card payments tend to have drivers. Those drivers will each have a payment terminal and go with the escort to the front door in order to take the payment directly. Some escort agencies do have online payment processing but they do run the risk of charge backs.

In conclusion accepting credit card payments through a terminal is fine. The customer enters his PIN and there are no risk of charge backs. We have found two very reputable merchants offering credit card services to both independent escorts and escort agencies. For more information visit www.pay4.xxx.