Pornstar Who Allegedly Romped With Nigel Farage Is 400 an Hour Escort

Mon, 24 Apr, 2017

Valerie Fox, who also goes by the name of Valerie Foxxx in many of her X-rated films, is known to travel worldwide spending “quality” time with older men. Valerie is a registered escort on many of the escort websites, including the popular Sugarbabes, which has a huge list of ageing male clients from across the globe, primarily from Paris, America, London and Dubai. Recently, Valerie claimed that she engaged in sexual escapade with UKIP leader, Mr Nigel Farage, a claim that is completely discarded by the latter. Mr Nigel Farage said that the allegations made by Valerie are baseless and ‘nonsense’ to say the least.

Valarie Foxxx

On the other side, Valerie claims that Nigel Farage was all over her and poured her with kisses while on a flight back to London from Atlanta, Georgia. She claimed that while seated on the upper-class seats of the flight, Mr. Farage, separated for a while from his wife Kirsten, and under the influence of Champagne was all over her. Mr Farage rubbished her claims and said that even though he met her and gave her a lift to her new flat, nothing happened between them. He also added that he asked her to stop when she tried to make advances towards him during the flight.

According to the Daily Star, Valerie had been working as an escort for many years. She even has great reviews from her clients that she has served internationally. On one of her profiles that she has set up with My Local Escort, she has described herself as ‘a gorgeous XXX porn star and glamour model’. It is also written that she is slim and busty and loves to enjoy herself. On another escort website, she also offers orgies with two other porn stars if her clients so desire. One of the other escort websites says that Valerie loves role play domination, fetish and is open to couples sex. She charges £400 for an hour and also up to £1,600 for dinner dates with her clients. She also offers discounts on overnight and full day stays.

Her Instagram posts also have sexy pictures of her in hotel bathrooms and romping with other porn stars. Apart from Mr Farage, she also has posted about other politicians like President Obama, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In a few earlier posts, she has admitted to having fantasies about older men. She has previously told one of her friends that she and Mr Farage were all over each other during their Virgin flight. They, however, did not have sex as they did not want to join the Mile High Club.

Valarie Foxxx

After they had arrived at Heathrow early in the morning, Valerie claimed that Mr Farage gave her a lift home. They then kissed in her flat after which he left. She then texted him saying that she enjoyed her time with him and thanked him. She claimed that he then replied back saying that he too had a great time and that he had not felt like that for years. She then replied back that she cannot stop thinking about him.

Nigel Farage

Mr Farage, however, had a completely different story to tell. He said that she was the one who came on to him and he stopped her by saying enough is enough. The next day, he reads the story about him and her in the news. He is pissed off and says that she is free to say what she wants and he does not want to argue with her anymore. A few days earlier, he had also denied having an affair with French politician Laure Ferrari.