Popup UK Brothels

Fri, 24 Mar, 2017

The UK laws change so often based on new bills as well as court cases and many other boring factors. Let's quote a paragraph from the CPS (crown prosecution service).

"Premises only become a brothel when more than one woman uses premises for the purposes of prostitution, either simultaneously or one at a time. This implies that if two women are present, both must be there for the purposes of prostitution. In circumstances where prostitutes are working individually out of one flat but there is a rotation of occupants and the young women are moved on a regular basis; i.e. sole occupancy and a rotation of sole occupants, it does constitute a brothel."

So, in short, a brothel is when more than one sex worker is operating from the same premises. This can be both at the same time or on shift work. The funny thing is, we know plenty of sex workers who live and work together because it just makes sense. Bills are split down the middle and sex workers are safer being in groups and are less likely to have problems with clients. Girls living and working together as far as i can tell isn't a problem unless their is a management company earning from the sex workers. Also if a sex worker is working at a brothel, it's not the sex worker who is prosecuted, it's the management company running the brothel.

Wow, complicated stuff!

A brief history of UK brothels

Brothels in Europe date back over seven centuries, that's 700 years of history. Back in the 13th century, brothels were run and owned by Municipalities (Government). They were setup in certain areas and had restricted opening times. They were never open on Sundays, some say to encourage prostitutes to go to church, others say to keep parishioners in church and out of the brothels. I would like to think the latter.
Checkout Wikipedia for a more detailed look at the history of brothels.

So how do brothels operate legally in the UK?

Good question! They don't. It all boils down to whether the premesis is seen as a problem for the local community as well as how it's run and managed. There are many, well known brothels throughout the UK operating in plain site. Most of these premesis will have local authority licences to offer massage services. The biggest problem with closing down a brothel is when one closes, another one simply opens up just around the corner. A different approach has been taken by local police to make sure they know and understand exactly what happens in the premesis. By knowing the owner and the sex workers they can rule out the organised crime and trafficking element. As long as the brothel isn't disturbing the peace and can coexist with neighbours then no harm is actually being caused... Better the devil you know springs to mind.

So what are popup brothels?

This is something i've joked about with friends in the office for many years and finally it's become a reality! The laws surrounding brothels specifically mention sex workers, working from a single premesis. A premesis is classed as a fixed location. So what happens if you decide to take your brothel on the road? In recent years we've been seeing more and more mobile brothels in the form of caravans and campervans. If it's got wheels it's not a fixed premesis, right?

Brothel owners and sex workers are now taking to the open road and traveling around offering mobile sex services. Ppular places include motorway service stations and large industrial estates. 

In conclusion, the more laws they put into place, the more ways people will find away around them. In my opinion brothels should be legalised and licenced to professionals.