Police Turning a Blind Eye to Criminals Taking Advantage of Prostitutes in Croydon for the Past Three Years

Thu, 4 May, 2017

For the past three years, there has been no action taken against the criminals, punters and the brothel owners in Croydon that seek to exploit prostitution. The police either have no issue with the exploitations of the prostitutes as there is little to no police enforcement in the area. According to a recent official government statistics, more than 32,000 prostitutes are working in the London Area. Each of these prostitutes take around 25 clients each week, whether it is on the street, through calls or in the brothel.

The Advertiser obtained information through an FOI which revealed shocking details. Since 2015, only 106 offenders have been caught by the police in London. Only in about 18 boroughs out of the total 32 boroughs, the police had summoned or taken charges against people who were caught committing a crime against prostitutes. This shows that none of the other boroughs have seen any action being taken against individuals looking for sex, hiring prostitutes, trafficking prostitutes or controlling prostitution. In almost 13 boroughs, there have been no charges filed against anyone for seeking prostitution services for the past three years.

The authorities are expected to help prostitutes against exploitation by the brothel owners or their clients. Police are encouraged to take sex workers to support services if they want to take action against people that take advantage of them. But, the numbers say a different story. Only about 40 offenses were recorded in London in 2015. In 2016, there were only 58 such cases, and there have been only eight such cases in 2017 so far.

There are a number of charities that support sex worker’s rehabilitation needs. According to their members, the prostitution industry has changed with the advancement of technology. Most sex workers do not have a particular area that they service as most of them can easily be contacted online. According to Mark Wakeling of one of these support groups, Beyond the Streets, some sex workers are trafficked into the industry making it easier for the brothel owners and clients to exploit and abuse them. Most of these women come from abusive relationships, and when they started to get paid for sex, they thought it to be a compliment. These women are held against their wishes in the brothels by pimps and traffickers and made to work.

The police argue that the prostitution industry is entirely market driven which encourages criminals to exploit the sex workers. Since prosecution is used against those who are looking to exploit the sex workers, but many of them are working willingly, and this is why there are fewer prosecutions against others looking to exploit them. According to Wakeling, prostitutes are not seen as a nuisance anymore, and they are trying to find out how they ended up in the industry and are exploited. He also added that the police are still not clear about the entire legislative framework for sex workers making it difficult for them to enforce the rules. They also lack proper resources to be able to investigate the criminals properly. He added that the central government should show more responsibility towards the lives of the prostitutes and help them achieve their dreams.

UKNEA Conclusion – Although it’s a good thing police are less concerned over escort related businesses, we still need the police to act on those that wish to exploit the industry and the escorts involved. The escorts and escort agencies we have the pleasure of dealing with are all in the business through their own free will. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and some women are forced into prostitution. Let’s hope the police continue to discipline those who exploit women and leave the professional agencies, escorts and brothels to run their businesses.