How to spot fake escort agencies

Thu, 13 Apr, 2017

A common problem shared by many punters is booking escorts that don't actually exist! Sure you'll go and see an escort but will she be the girl in the pictures that tempted you to make the booking in the first place? This is what's commonly known in the escort world as "Bait and Switch". Some escort agencies think its OK to deceive punters by using photos of models which have never worked in the escort industry. These agencies think because the model bears a slight resemblance to the escort, it's perfectly fine. Well, actually it's not because it's false advertising and inevitably leads to disappointment and frustration.

I can forgive an escort agency and an escort for not updating her photos every time she gets a new hair style, decides to go blonde or eats a bit too much over Christmas and put's on a little bit of weight. The escort is still the escort, just styled differently or a bit chubbier. But, when the girl you go to see turns out to be a completely different girl, that's just not acceptable. Imagine looking on the internet for a nice Mercedes, ordering it and on arrival you notice it's actually a Ford. That's enough to spoil your day, maybe even your week.

Why do escort agencies Bait and Switch?

I'm asking the same question. If they actually have escorts working and the escort looks similar to the stolen photos, why not just take pictures of the actual escort? The only answers I can offer are; 1 - The escort doesn't want photos taken as family members might recognise her. 2 - Professional photos aren't cheap so it's far easier to steal similar photos from a modelling site. Going back to the first point, if the escort is concerned about her identity then simply blur the face, simple. It seem's to me these agencies think deceiving their potential clients is far better than arranging professional photo shoots and running a real escort agency. So how do these types of agencies get repeat business I hear you say? Well, good question, again, I'm guessing that a lot of punters just accept what's happened and maybe think this is common practice for an escort agency (trust me it's not).

The solution!

The first way is pretty simple when it comes to London Escorts. There are tons of escorts in London, as we all know. Most escorts will work for several escort agencies. If the escort you are interested in doesn't appear on a few agency websites, then chances her photos are fake. This isn't a definitive way though, as some London escort agencies have exclusive girls. So, let's move on to the ultimate test.

Bring up the escort website you're not sure about and navigate to the escorts profile page. Now, download her photos. This can be done by right clicking on the photo and choosing the option "Save image as...".

Spot a fake escort agency

Now navigate to Google images. You can then drag and drop the saved photos directly onto the Google search bar.

Spot a fake escort agency

Google will then search the web and match the image to other websites the photo appears on. 

Spot a fake escort agency

If the photo appears on a lot of websites, not associated with the escort industry, it's pretty clear this is a fake escort photo. The example we have used here appears on lot's of non escort related sites, mainly men's news sites so it's a no brainer, we've found a fake. Don't bother checking any of the other escorts, if one's fake, chances are the others will be as well. Simply find another escort agency to deal with.

In conclusion, there are a lot of reputable escort agencies in the UK which would never entertain such a deceitful concept. I didn't write this article to put anyone off booking an escort, I simply wrote this as an eye opener and a way for punters to fight back against bogus agencies. I would love to list all the fake agencies on here but I don't believe UKNEA is the place to do this. There are plenty of other forums dedicated to ousting such agencies. Now you're armed with the tools, spread the word and hopefully we can weed out the fakes.