High-Class Financial Escort Reveals What Her Customers Ask Her For

Thu, 4 May, 2017

Olivia Coxxx is one top escort who has been an escort for many years and has made millions providing financial dominatrix services online. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, 25-year old Olivia is a dominatrix who allows men to explore their needs and their desires in a safe environment that she provides. She is different from other escorts as she uses the money to arouse her clients.

Among the many bizarre and strange requests that she gets from her clients, one of the most common services that she provides is known as ‘ignoring’. Here, the clients pay her to get access to her webcam and then watch her purchase gifts for herself from their money. The clients pay her to be ignored and see her talk to her girlfriends on the phone talking about a lot of things like other men. She believes that most of her clients want to feel powerless in front of a gorgeous and attractive woman.

High-Class Financial Escort

Another thing that she gets requests for is to blackmail her clients for getting sexual favours from them. The clients organize to be blackmailed by her for sex or money. She sometimes goes through their client’s social media websites and then threatens her client to tell his dirty secrets to others. Such acts arouse her clients and are ready to pay money for these unbelievable acts. The terms and limits of the acts are always worked out before the booking so that there is no problem later on.

Olivia advertises her intense sex sessions for a high price. A 20-minute session will cost her client £60 on Skype, and the face-to-face session can cost anything between £265 for an hour and £470 for two-hour long session. She completes all the formality and works out the terms before the payment is made. Only after the payment has been cleared to her account does she start to deliver her services to the client.

High-Class Financial Escort

Olivia is the only sex worker in Australia to provide such bizarre and unique sex services to her clients. Even though there is a big market for such services, Olivia feels that there are a lot of takers and most of them are regular clients of hers. While she gets regular requests from different people, there are only a few who actually go forward with it.