British Men can Soon Enjoy Sex Robot Brothel to Live out their Wildest Fantasies

Thu, 4 May, 2017

If everything goes according to plan, British men could soon live out their fantasies by going to sex robot brothels and without the need to persuade a real woman for sex. LumiDolls, one of the top sex doll agency, is currently looking for investors to fund their robo-bordello project right in the capital where men can have sex with dolls legally. When the robot brothel opens in London, it will be a first of a kind in the whole of the UK. The company also has plans to open other such brothels across the UK.

The company already has one such brothel in Barcelona where the prices for an hour with the doll starts from £100. The brothel is a big hit with the locals and the tourists alike. The spokesman from the company explained that their customers can easily live out their sexual fantasies with the doll, something which they cannot always openly do with real women. Many men are not comfortable sharing their fantasies and being with a doll will make it easier and much more comfortable to indulge in those activities without being judged.

The company has a fully-fledged website that shows profiles of each of their dolls describing their physical attributes. The website also claims that one will not be able to distinguish the dolls from a real woman. The dolls are made using a soft polymer like thermoplastic to provide its softness. In addition, each of the dolls is disinfected with antibacterial soap before and after their customers use it. Customers are encouraged to use condoms when indulging in sex with the dolls.

Sex Dolls

According to the website, the customers will be provided with a personal room lit with candles. The visitors will have to follow certain rules to be able to enjoy their time with their sex dolls. The visitors can also choose to watch pornography in their rooms if they want for a more unique experience. The company also takes personal request, and the visitors are encouraged to tell the company what type of doll they want, the clothes they should be wearing and in what position the doll should be kept. It is encouraged for visitors to book a prior appointment to ensure that their style of toy is available at that time and to avoid disappointment.

The company also has plans to launch hyper-realistic sex robots by the end of the year and the costs will start from £12,000. If you thought sex toys were just for men, think again. There are many companies that are offering plastic man dolls to women who would like similar experiences. Many women have shared their experiences with plastic sex toys and shared that their penis is most of the time indistinguishable from the real one. There is no doubt that there is a big market for sex toys and LumiDoll is among the top one to enter the market.