Escort agency booking software - HDNOTES by HornyDesigns

So, over the weekend we thought we would trial the new escort agency booking software from HornyDesigns, known as HDNOTES. As previous agency owners, both of us were dubious with two questions in mind. What was this going to do and why on earth would we need it?

Signup was easy and our booking system was created and logged us straight in within minutes of signup. Once logged in we were taken to a Dashboard page which looks empty as we haven’t added anything yet. The first thing we did was click the settings link on the side panel. Here you have a raft of options to turn on or off depending on your agency setup.

Adding Staff – The system allows for unlimited staff members and permissions can be set to allow staff certain privileges in the system.  

Calendar – If turned on, you can manually select the days each escort works so she only appears on the dashboard the days she’s working. If turned off, she will be working every day and will always appear on the dashboard.

Drivers – If your agency has drivers this can be activated so you can add your drivers into the system.

Tracking – If Drivers are turned on, you can select to turn the tracking on. This is such a cool feature as your drivers can download a free tracking app from the iOS or Android store, enter their car registration and the booking system will track your drivers every move on an amazing Google Maps interface.

IP Lock – If this setting is turned on, the booking system can be locked to a fixed IP address meaning staff cannot login from outside your office internet connection. This can be determined on a per staff basis meaning you can lock receptionists to an office but managers can login from anywhere, very cool.

Incalls, Outcalls, Hotels – Let’s you specify the types of bookings your agency will do whether it’s just incalls or both. By turning on Hotels you can prefill the hotel section with all the hotels your escorts visit.

Rates & Fees – When you make a booking you don’t want to keep typing in the rate and fee so here you can pre-define all your different rates such as 30 mins, 1 hour, 90 mins etc with the price and the agency fee. This will save so much time when it comes to creating a booking in the system.

Advertisers – It’s good to keep an eye on what advertising is working. Add in all your advertisers so you can associate an advertiser to each booking. Later down the tracks you can search booking history on advertiser to see which ones are generating the most bookings for you.

SMS Settings – HornyDesigns have partnered with TxtLocal so you can automatically send text messages through the system. You can setup predefined messages so once a booking is made automatic texts can be sent directly from the system. Text messages can be sent from either the agency telephone number, the agency name or you can specify a custom name or number.

Websites – A great thing about this booking system is the ability to add as many agencies as you like. Currently, many agencies have several websites to appeal to different clientele. This booking system allows you to add in all your sites. Then when a booking is made you can specify which website the booking came from.

Once we finished playing with our agencies settings we then moved on to add some escorts in the system. In this section, you want to add all your escorts. You can specify their name, telephone number, email address, link to their profile page, address, directions and any notes. You can also upload an image and ID if you want. You then specify whether they do incalls, outcalls and whether they need a driver (if you have drivers turned on). You can also archive escorts incase they leave your agency or go on holiday. You can then simply put them live again on their return.

The drivers and hotels section works in pretty much the same way.

So now we return to the dashboard page which has suddenly come alive, showcasing all our working drivers and escorts. It’s now time to add our first booking into the system.

The new booking page has a search facility to easily find existing clients. We added a few test clients into the system but I’m guessing it’s better to populate this as and when a client calls to make a booking. Entering the first three digits of my mobile number it quickly finds the client I added a minute ago. I simply click it and it pre-populates the form with that client. I can then edit the client details, see his previous bookings and even ban him in the system if he’s a problem. I’m then presented with simple drop-down choices to select the escort, location, date, time, appointment length and other options. The cool thing is, when we choose an appointment length it pre-fills the booking price and agency commission based on what we added to the rates section in settings.

So, we’ve now added everything to make the booking and we are presented with a send SMS button. This is an outcall with a driver so we have an option to send the predefined text message to the escort, the driver and the client. We click the buttons, send the texts and immediately our mobiles beep with new messages of the booking confirmation, it works perfectly. The booking is now added to the system and it appears on our Dashboard as pending. This system couldn’t get any cooler.

We spent the rest of the day adding many bookings to the system, changing the escorts, drivers and running it like we were a very busy agency. On our Dashboard, we could see all our pending bookings for the day as well as all our completed bookings.

After completing several bookings, we went into the collections part of the system. This details all the escorts and drivers completed bookings so we knew exactly how much money were owed. Here we can specify we’ve received the money and whether it’s been paid in cash or by bank. This is a fantastic way to keep track of all the money owed to the agency from the escorts.

The booking history section gives us a raft of searches to perform. We can pull up any previous bookings by date range whether completed or pending and search by a multitude of options. It then lists the search results detailing a complete history along with pie charts. A cool feature of the booking history is selecting which bookings to be filed. We can then download an excel spreadsheet of all the filed bookings ready to hand to our accountant.

A big test was making sure this system works across every device as we may want to login from our mobile phones or tablets. We tested it on an iPhone 6 as well as a Sony ZX and an iPad Air and it works flawlessly and looks stunning.

We went into this feeling it wouldn’t be something we would use but we were we wrong. If you’re an escort agency with receptionists, you can’t afford not to have this system. Any successful agency will find this booking system to be an absolute god send. It manages staff, escorts, drivers, clients and will pretty much run your agency for you. Our hats come off to the guys at HornyDesigns and EscortFX for this amazing bit of software.